Find Available Parking on Your Mobile Phone

Spark Parking and NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge® semifinalist ParkWhiz partner to provide real-time parking availability.

San Francisco, CA, March 21, 2007 --( Spark Parking, a leading provider of parking management services, has partnered with ParkWhiz to offer a location-aware parking finder available via mobile phones. ParkWhiz’s Mobile Parking Information Search application, a semifinalist in the 2007 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge, displays real-time parking occupancy to help drivers quickly locate available parking spaces that meet their requirements.

Spark Parking uses wireless sensor technology to deliver a range of parking management services to owners of parking lots and garages. ParkWhiz’s Mobile Parking Information Search tracks a driver's position via global positioning system (GPS) technology and delivers detailed parking information about the surrounding area. While on the move, drivers can get information on parking near destinations, including prices, specials, distance away, hours of operation, number of handicapped-driver spaces, and more.  Drivers will also have the option to reserve parking in advance of reaching their destination. This partnership with Spark Parking allows ParkWhiz to also display real-time availability of parking spaces – your mobile phone can now inform you if your preferred parking lot or garage is full. In the future, you’ll even be able to find street parking spaces via your mobile phone.

“Parking your car can be a frustrating experience for consumers,” said Aashish Dalal, CEO of ParkWhiz. “By having access to detailed parking information and the option to reserve your spot before you reach your destination can save consumers time, money, and frustration.”  In addition to local GPS-powered searches, customers can also use ParkWhiz Mobile to search for parking by entering a city, state and zip code, save their favorite locations to the phone, and map their current location and all the available parking nearby.

As a semifinalist in the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge, ParkWhiz will be competing for the grand prize next week in Orlando, Florida at the CTIA Wireless conference.  The winners will be announced on March 28th. While ParkWhiz Mobile is not yet commercially available, the company is in talks with several mobile carriers to carry the application on their networks. 


About Spark Parking:
Spark Parking offers a range of parking management and data services. Founded in 2005 by CEO Cooper Marcus, Spark Parking was inspired by hours spent searching for parking on frigid nights in Chicago's busy neighborhoods. Spark Parking is now headquartered in an equally tough place to park – San Francisco, California. For more information visit

About ParkWhiz:
ParkWhiz represents a breakthrough in the way that people park.  ParkWhiz helps people park their cars quickly and efficiently by providing them with the tools to make an informed decision. Instead of driving around to find parking, you can use ParkWhiz to get the best parking to suit your needs.

For parking owners, ParkWhiz introduces revolutionary tools to turn unused parking into cash. You can sell parking for special events, advertise monthly parking permits, and increase utilization of parking lots and garages. ParkWhiz ( is a privately held company based in Chicago.

About NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge:
First launched in North America in October 2003, the Global LBS Challenge is focused on driving the development and visibility of innovative navigation solutions for wireless devices.  From wireless business applications to sports, travel and security, integrating the accuracy and richness of NAVTEQ digital map data facilitates the timely evolution of the next wave LBS using global positioning satellite (GPS) technology.

The semifinalist applications submitted in the Americas will be judged, and the winners announced, on 28 March, 2007 in Orlando, Florida at CTIA Wireless 2007.  More information regarding this year’s Global LBS Challenge is available at
Spark Parking
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