Gourmet Recipe Launches New Sections for Various Cuisines

Gourmet Recipe added recipes and tips for cuisines from France, Greece, Mexico, France, Spain, India and Europe. Chefs experienced in various cuisines and neophyte cooks alike will find recipes and tips on the Gourmetrecipe.com, the Fondness Media website.

Ottawa, Canada, June 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Now it’s easy for cooks bogged down in a meat-and-potatoes rut to raise their game through recipes featured on world cuisine sections of the popular food website, Gourmetrecipe.com.

The flagship website of Fondness Media, the online marketing company, includes a huge number of recipes from Indian, Greek, French and European, Mexican, and Spanish cuisines. Even the most industrious cooks will find themselves continually challenged by the variety of dishes.

Fondness Media’s network of websites focuses on the life-affirming joys of fine food and drink. According to Herve Ngalani, the chief operating officer of Gourmetrecipe.com, much of the fun of cooking is dabbling in dishes from different lands.

“At Gourmetrecipe.com, we love to embrace the international,” said Herve Ngalani. “Personally, one of the aspects of cooking I love most is the variety of cuisines. It’s wonderful to have an Indian meal of Aloo Poha one day and an all-American grilled hamburger the next.”

Families that love Mexican food will appreciate a delicious guacamole that can be made in only 10 minutes. Or tasty black beans that are a great complement to almost any entree. If Chinese is preferred, an oriental red mullet fillets salad includes a twist of Japanese.

The recipes are easy to follow and, according to Ngalani, come from many sources, including highly-regarded Michelin chefs and restaurants. He said recipes such as those found at http://www.gourmetrecipe.com/recipes/browse-all-recipes are continually updated so that cooks and chefs are always challenged.

At http://www.gourmetrecipe.com/recipes, visitors can try recipes such as Grecian baked lima beans, a great addition to casseroles, or a wonderful French dish, Zeeland oysters a la rose. Unexpected dishes such as egg pakora, an easy to make Indian snack perfect for before bed, are also featured.

While the new website sections categorize cuisines, http://www.gourmetrecipe.com includes recipes of many additional cuisines that are not specifically categorized, as well. For example, Italian cooking at its best is reflected in the pizza website. European dishes make up a large part of the chocolate website. Every section of gourmetrecipe.com includes not only recipes but practical information and food history that can be invaluable to all cooks.

About Fondness Media
Fondness Media is an online marketing network of more than 100 websites with more than 10 million unique visitors each month. Gourmetrecipe.com is the hub of the network, which emphasizes quality content aimed at creating gourmet lifestyles. Visitors find innovative cooking techniques and recipes and information about health and nutrition at every site.

A strong technical foundation and a passionate team of professionals have allowed the Fondness Media network to steadily grow stronger in its commitment to improving the quality of life for its members.

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