Priceless Productions Announces, “Eat, Pray, Love & ...Shop, in Bali & Bangkok” - June/July 2012, a division of Priceless Productions, is planning for Summer Fun in Bangkok & Bali 2012. Now is the time to start thinking about that exotic trip, scheduled for, “someday”...especially when plans include using Frequent Flyer Miles to Bangkok's beautiful new Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Santa Monica, CA, June 28, 2011 --( Bring your mom, your mate, or travel alone, for an experience of a lifetime.

“Eat” the freshest cuisine in the world. Watch fishermen bring in the day’s catch. Take cooking classes. Try fresh Mangosteen, considered a super-food, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory healing benefits. Find out why Durian is banned in hotels.

"Pray" while visiting modern, as well as ancient Buddhist temples, in Thailand. Chant with Buddhist monks. Learn about the spirit world of Bali. Balinese Hinduism is a world away from that of India. Join a session with a local Medicine Man in Ubud.

Feel the Love...everywhere.

Shop day and night.

In addition to returning home with great memories, this trip features a scheduled visit at JCI accredited, Yanhee International Hospital for Medical/Dental in Bangkok.

Fix those teeth and polish that smile. Zap those spider veins and rusty old age spots - include a melanoma check, a colonoscopy, and a physical.

Spending time on health care during an exotic vacation makes this a unique, affordable, cultural journey...with real wellness benefits, and savings. Medical Tourism, what a concept.

For a realistic view of Bangkok, its endless shopping, beautiful parks, hotels, and hospitals, check out

For more information about Bali, and Medical Tourism at Yanhee International Hospital with an expert, visit: or send an email directly to:

Priceless Productions
Krystina Marie Price
001 310 451 3358