San Franola Granola Joins the Harvest Urban Market to Provide Healthy Granola for San Francisco

San Franola Granola is now sold on the shelves of San Francisco’s reputable Harvest Urban Market

San Francisco, CA, June 28, 2011 --( If you have ever looked up where to find fresh, healthy food in San Francisco’s SOMA district, chances are you’ve probably run across the name Harvest Urban Market. This place is regarded by San Francisco natives as one of the best places to find locally grown, organic foods that are designed to fit the lives of its busy customers who don’t have to time to spend hours a week shopping at different market locations. Offering a world class café and bountiful deli with ample vegan options, Harvest Urban Market is a comprehensive one stop food shop that is conveniently located in one of San Francisco’s most crowded neighborhoods. Upon taking an initial tour around Harvest Urban Market, one would quickly realize that they only not only carry the healthiest and most nutritious food options available, but also do an outstanding job in making sure most of their items and produce are supplied locally. However, aside from providing such high quality products and services to its customers, owner Gilles Desaulniers has also built a reputation around stressing the importance of sustainability and limiting over consumption which makes the locally supplied options all much more critical to his business’ success.

A new local supplier, sharing the same passions for providing quality food products and environmentalism has joined forces with Harvest Urban Market to provide San Francisco food shoppers with a healthy snack alternative that is guaranteed to attract granola connoisseurs and health fanatics alike. San Franola Granola specializes in making delicious granola products that are high in fiber and protein and low in calories and sugar, making it an ideal product to be served among the other healthy options at Harvest Urban Market. Because everybody knows that it is difficult to work 8+ hours a day and find time to eat right for yourself, nutritious food options like San Franola Granola sold in convenient neighborhood stores like Harvest Urban Market make your life considerably easier. As owner Gilles Desaulniers puts it, “I like to share good things. I try to promote the fresh side. Feeding you well is a joy,” and every day he does a great job in keeping this promise.

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Matt Teichmann