Q3 2011 Flash Petrochemical Outlook from Kevin L. Boyle, Consulting

A concise outlook for global petrochemicals and plastics in Q3 2011 covering prices and margins, and popular pure plays.

Houston, TX, June 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Economic Conditions -- Assumptions

· The U.S. will experience very slow or no growth. Packaging will remain 10% below last year, no improvements in housing starts.
· In the EU, the current Greek situation will be resolved, but demand will slow due to unsettling conditions in other weak member states.
· Asian growth will return to Q1 levels as domestic demand picks up in China with construction and the fall agricultural season.
Prices & Margins
· U.S. ethylene margins will remain where they have been lately, at about 30-32¢ per pound based on ethane. Ethane price will decline slightly and natural gas will be steady. Frac spreads for ethane will trend downward towards $5/mmbtu. Polyethylene prices will move much lower, to the mid to low 60¢ per pound range leaving no margin in the polymers. PVC prices will move lower as export markets become much more competitive, hampering results for PVC producers.

For additional regions and comments on the Popular Pure Plays in petrochemicals, download the full document from www.klbconsultingservices.com.

Kevin L. Boyle, Consulting
Kevin L. Boyle