"God’s Particle" Found by 24 DNA Founders Will Bring New Era in Science

“Einstein and every scientist’s quest for the ‘Theory of Everything’ or ‘Unification Theory’ have an answer today with ‘God’s Particle’ found,” says 24 DNA “Mad Scientist” Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Garden Grove, CA, June 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- 24 DNA, a privately held company in Garden Grove, California, and its founders are very excited to disclose their findings of what Physicists called “God’s Particle” on their website 24dna.com. The 24-paged report is free and available 24/7 to download so people can personally experience the magnitude of the information.

“The finding of 'God’s Particle' has literally unraveled answers to all scientific mysteries that have baffled the world’s scientist communities all these years. Its ‘rediscovery’ will settle the current debate of a ‘Theory of Everything’ or a ‘Unification Theory.’ The greatest and profound news is the scientific communities have already proven and demonstrated the existence of ‘God’s Particle’ in their laboratories all these years. But, with our discovery that Spacetime with its force carriers Higgs Field-Higgs Boson and Electroweak with its force carriers Z Boson are two other natural forces of nature like Electromagnetic, Gravity, String and Weak Nuclear Forces has led us to crystallize the identity of the already discovered ‘God’s Particle,’”says Ainuu Afamasaga

Mr. Afamasaga said, "Spacetime is a natural force with its fabric or grid that allows the creation and existence of mass or matter. Without Spacetime and its force carriers or ‘God’s Particle,’ nothing exists or can be created. This rediscovery of ‘God’s Particle’ led us to identifying a Super String and its three sub-Strings colored Red, Blue and Green. From this, it continues to lead us to ‘Three Generations’ of 20 subatomic particles of our revised ‘New Standard Mode of Elementary Particles’ with its 8 Bosons, 6 Leptons, and 6 Quarks. From the subatomic, it further led us to the atomic or element level where we identified 18 core elements which created the other 200 elements of our 2 New Periodic Tables which are opposite each other with their 10 Periods, 5 Blocks, 50 Groups and 218 Elements. Each element has 2 Atomic numbers, a ‘Parent Radionuclide’ and a ‘Daughter Nuclide’ Atomic number.”

“Our rediscovery of ‘God’s Particle’ continues to lead us further into the existence of parallel Universes or a Physical and Non-physical Universe, where both exist in an 8th Bulk Dimension environment. The Non-physical exists in the 5th Bulk Dimension and Physical Universe which we live, exists in the 3rd Bulk Dimension, and each has 10 Dimensions. Thanks to two Physicists, Hideki Yukawa and Peter Higgs and their colleagues, who unknowingly discovered ‘God’s Particles,’ the force carrier of our Spacetime force. Dr. Yukawa’s ‘Hadron-Meson’ discoveries of K-Meson and P-Meson and Dr. Higgs, ‘Higgs Field and Higgs Boson’ are the same concepts, respectively. Dr. Yukawa was looking at the same concept from a Particle perspective and Dr. Higgs from a Boson perspective. Spacetime has 2 Gluons and Strong Nuclear Force has 6 Gluons to account for 8 Gluons discovered,” says 24 DNA Cofounder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

About 24 DNA or 24DNA.com
24 DNA is a privately held company in Garden Grove, CA. Its founders discovered various genetic Blueprints such as the “Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents” which has recently been granted a provisional patent by USPTO. 24 DNA and its founders discovered the Sub-Atomic Blueprint, which 2 new Periodic Tables with 218 Elements were invented and also revised the current Standard Model of Elementary Particles to include Bosons.

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