Healing Path Debuts Energy Meridian Enhancement Workshop via Teleconference July 20th

Healing Path with Alice McCall debuts a new workshop covering the principles of energy meridians which includes guided meditation, chakra work, and energy work. Event will take place July 20th, 7-8-30pm Eastern via teleconference. Advance RSVP required. Cost is $20.

Hendersonville, NC, June 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- On July 20th 7-8:30pm Eastern, Healing Path will debut a new workshop called “Energy Meridian Enhancement” facilitated by Alice McCall via teleconference. The workshop will combine principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing techniques, breath work, guided imagery, guided meditation, and opening the heart chakra.

According to McCall, the workshop will have two distinct parts: first a brief overview of the 12 meridians, followed by attendees experiencing energy work to boost their "chi." "One of the founding concepts of acupuncture is that there are meridians within each of us. Through these invisible channels chi, or life-force energy, circulates throughout our bodies. It is an energy circulatory system that can be energetically balanced, and that is what I am looking forward to sharing with attendees of my upcoming workshop," shares McCall.

This event will take place via teleconference, allowing participants from all over the world to participate via a phone call. Call in details are shared upon registration. Cost is $20.

Registration inquires and questions can be directed to Alice McCall at 828-577-5623, or emailing alice@healingpath.info. Ms McCall holds a B.S. in Psychology and a MBA. She is a Cellular Level Healing Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Author of Wellness Wisdom, and Hypnotist.

Healing Path with Alice McCall
Alice McCall