San Franola Granola Partners with Valencia Whole Foods Market to Add a Premium Option to Its Healthy Snack Selection

San Franola hits the shelves of this neighborhood San Francisco luxury food staple

San Francisco, CA, June 30, 2011 --( San Franola Granola, a new healthy eating snack company, has made its way into the neighborhood Valencia Whole Foods Market. Targeting specialty grocery stores, San Franola has had success in the local, healthy sector of food shopping, and plans to expand its offering to more consumers in the future. San Franola Granola prides itself in being a smart breakfast and snack option that people can enjoy while getting necessary nutrition.

Valencia Whole Foods Market, in San Francisco’s Mission district, is not to be confused with the popular healthy grocery chain with a similar name. However, it draws comparable distinctions such as fresh, local, organically grown produce and upper scale food items. Customers have often praised its great convenience and high quality selection. Selling a variety of things ranging from personal hygiene, fresh dairy and vegan friendly deli items, the Valencia Whole Foods Market is ideally located on the corner of 21st and Valencia, across from the Ritual Coffee Roasters as well as a number of notable restaurants and nightlife places. And now, they carry the best in granola!

San Franola
Matt Teichmann