A Guide to Cutting Black Hair at LearnToCut.com/ David Warren

If you are having trouble cutting "black hair" or other various hair textures The film "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers and Afros by David Warren" is a step by step instructional video that will teach you everything you need to know. David Warren is a master barber from Los Angeles and he would like to teach the world how to cut hair from his website www.LearnToCut.com

Los Angeles, CA, March 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- David Warren is brilliant. He blended a display of great haircuts with top quality musical production from G.Casso and brought the world "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers and Afros by David Warren" His film and website have received a great amount of exposure through my space, youtube and google previews. There is no telling exactly how many copies of this film will be sold because it is the first of its kind @ www.LearnToCut.com the video and handbook can be purchased and a free preview is playing as you enter the site.

After years of reluctance and deliberation David Warren has finally decided to release a video for instructional use."I decided I needed to give something back to the craft that made me rich by sharing the knowledge that I had with everyone across the world". People in Africa, Germany, France ect... are very interested in the things that young Americans consume and this is a blend of different art forms from urban America fused together as one.

David Warren has been cutting hair in the entertainment industry and across the country for the past fifteen years and has had a huge impact on style, trends and popular techniques used by barbers across the country. Many barbers have trouble dealing with black hair texture and latino hair texture, he takes you through step by step and shows the viewer exactly what to do.  He currently teaches instructional courses and tours the world cutting hair on a regular basis. David Warren plans to release two more barber videos next year and plans to sell other various barber products on his website www.LearnToCut.com. He started LearnToCut.com/indexhtm because there was such a high demand for his instructional courses, he was often overbooked. Since the video is highlighted with instrumental music by G.Casso it draws in the viewer even if he or she is not interested in cutting hair.

For more information go to www.LearnToCut.com or e mail Daviddubb@aol.com, Thank You.

David Dubb
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