Partnership Dacia Groupe Renault – Romsys in the Fifth Gear

Dubai, United Kingdom, March 23, 2007 --( In record time, Romsys has designed and implemented the integrated information system that pilots the logistics of the national distribution of Dacia vehicles, Suggestively called Distridac, the system is a world wide first for Dacia Renault plants just as it is for the entire automotive industry in Romania.

The unicity of the project resides in the complex number of operations handled by the system. Distridac allows four different units of Renault to interact and exchange information in real time: the logistics department handling the vehicles distribution, commercial, financial and quality control control units.

The system allows an effective administration of the physical flow of vehicles within the factory (transfer to and out from the plant’s car park, dispatching), the expedition scheduling, and invoicing, the payment management of relevant taxes for new automobiles, as well as the legal aspects of all operations. In fact, Distridac supervises the new vehicle from the moment it leaves the production line to the moment the distribution responsible takes it into custody.

“We chosed the system developed by Romsys for the complex and easy to use technical solution offered, the well balanced price-quality factor and moreover beacuse of the proven expertise of Romsys in this line of business. Distridac has been fully delivered in December 2006 and it could be integrated within other subsidiaries of Dacia-Reanault Group," mentioned Mr. Patrick Arbona, IT Director Groupe Renault.

This is exactly why although the application was initially implemented in Dacia plants from Mioveni, it has been developed respecting all Renault standards having in mind the possibilty to implement it in Renault plants all over the world.

The expertise that Dacia Renault official has mentioned was accomplished in a professional detailed manner during the period of almost ten years since Romsys has become one of the favorite partners of Renault Dacia – in fact from the moment Dacia’s plants have been privatized. During all these years, the partnership has been materialized into many projects successfully implemented by Romsys at Dacia-Renault of which six of vast proportions.

Distridac was designed, developed and implemented in record time. The project started May 2006 which only gave Romsys 6 months for solution design, development and implementation.. The system is build on an n-tier architecture and IMB WebSphere, using Java, Sun, Oracle, IBM WebSphere şi IMB MQ technologies.

"It’s been a challenging project both beacuse of it’s scale and implementation time frame, totalling and effort of more than 1.400 equivalent days-person software development. For this project Romsys got together its top engineers in software development, given the fact that Distridac was for us a new challenge as much as an opportunity to prove why have been considered pioneers in the development of highly complex IT solutions in the Romanian market, and that 14 years of experience represent a force that must be acknowledged” stated Mr. Catalin Ceausoglu, Romsys Software Development Director.

The vehicles manufacturer Dacia Groupe Renault is leader on Romanian auto sector and registered in 2006 the best commercial result in its history, with 196.708 sold units, growing to 19.6% compared to 2005. Regarding the exports, they raised to 210% last year compared to 2005, reaching 50.623 vehicles.

Romsys, founded in 1993, is the first IT company in Romania certified ISO 9000 since 1996. Romsys is praised for the quality of services offered to their customers, including solution design and development, implementation of business management solutions, security solutions, communication and infrastructure solutions on a variety of technologies and platforms. Romsys solutions and services are used primarily in banking, defense and national security, government, telecommunications and public utilities sectors.

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