The "Coop" Adds 28 Glass Manufacturers to Its Glass Fabricating Directory & Guide

The co-op industrial search engine IndustrialCOOP to promote numerous glass manufacturers & fabricators on the Web.

Bridgeport, CT, July 01, 2011 --(, the b-to-b co-operative search engine for manufacturers, engineers, inventors & innovators working in technical, manufacturing and industrial fields, announced Wednesday morning the debut of its new International Vertical Glass Fabricators Directory and Buying Guide at The newly published and revised directory, according to IndustrialCOOP, commonly referred to as 'The Coop,' includes offering from glass fabricating, blowing and manufacturing companies specializing in a array of textured, automotive, borosilicate, safety, tempered, laminated, etched, float, custom fabricated industrial glass, anti-reflection, optical, stained, crystal, molded, machined, metallized, decorative, architectural, insulated, coated, tinted, frosted, & colored, blocked, gage, carved & curved, convex, precision, electronic, boiler tube, bent, anti-glare, sandblasted, drilled, beveled, as well as other types of custom and standard glass.

Carson Perry, spokesperson for, said dozens of Glass Manufacturers & Fabricators have been added to the site at, with emphasis on suppliers serving but not limited to customers in the U.S. and Western Europe. According to Perry, vendors in the publication produce a wide range of items made from glass such as windows of all sizes for commercial, retail, educational, institutional, chapels, churches, cathedrals as well as residential applications, windshields for cars & trucks, bottles, beads, doors, jars, bottles & containers, vials, tubing, mirrors, blocks, security & bullet resistant glass, shelving, tabletops, counters, machined parts, panel railings, rods, signs, appliance parts, enclosures, boxes, glassware, safety barriers, trophies, quartz-to-glass seals, inspection & measuring devices, flat disc gages, boiler tubing, microscope slide covers, reflected type gage, scientific instruments, prescription glasses, oil sight, tubular gage & sight feed glasses and a broad variety of other products made from glass.

“IndustrialCOOP is committed to promoting glass fabricators on an international scale and helping companies in various industries find glass blowers and manufacturers that can meet their specific needs,” said Perry. He added, “Recently the COOP added to its ILG hosted directory companies specializing in the fabrication of precision bore glass tubing, retail storefront windows, large entrance doors, china & glassware, safety glasses as well as electrically heated, telescope, x-ray, engraved crystal, fiber optic, wire reinforced, glass-bonded mics insulation, electrically conductive, tempered, beaded, ultraviolet, decorative, and other glass items for virtually every industry and applications.” Perry went on to say IndustrialCOOP is accepting listings in the directory from glass fabricators all over the world.

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