Muscle Building Diet Myths Exposed in New Video

Fitness coach Jeff Masterson releases a new video talking about the essential ingredients in a muscle-building diet.

Reading, PA, July 01, 2011 --( In his latest online video, fitness coach Jeff Masterson has revealed the essential ingredients to a muscle building diet. There is a lot of inaccurate information and myths about what type of diet is needed to build muscle, so this latest video will be of an interest to fitness enthusiasts around the world who want this issue cleared up once and for all.

In the video, viewers will get to see Jeff talk through the foods he uses to build muscle as he unloads his grocery shopping for the day. What is likely to surprise some people, is the simplicity of the foods on display. Examples include brown rice, brown bread, yams, and minced meat. Many people think that a more complex mix of foods is required, but these myths are dispelled in this new video release.

Another issue that Masterson addresses in the video is related to the quantity of protein that should be consumed. There is a common misconception that more protein means more muscle and this record is set straight.

"Many people often think that more protein means more muscle growth. This, however, is not the case. Since the body can only generate so much muscle in any given day, more protein over and above what you need will just be used up for energy or converted to body fat stores," said Masterson.

An article accompanies the video, which goes into greater detail on the muscle building diet. The article makes for an interesting piece of supplementary information to enhance the understanding of the main points covered in the video. A key piece of information that was drawn out of the article that is not present in the video is the benefits of healthy fats in a muscle building diet.

"It's also very essential that you're taking in enough healthy fats with your muscle building diet as well. Healthy fats are not only going to support a healthy overall body, but they're also going to help promote high testosterone levels as well" he stated.

A key reason for the timing of the release of the video, is to announce the publication of a report, titled "7 Hardgainer Mistakes." Within the report, Masterson dispels more muscle building myths and also touches on the muscle building diet.

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