Servcorp Malaysia Aims to Provide More Businesses an Improved Office Experience Through Furnished Office Rentals and Serviced Offices

Servcorp, a company that specializes in high quality office rentals in Kuala Lumpur, offers an exciting innovation for business people who are looking to have the fullest office space experience possible by offering its furnished office rentals on the market.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 02, 2011 --( Servcorp Malaysia is gearing up to position itself as a better option for business people looking for workspaces. The company recently launched a new and invigorated campaign to promote its furnished office rentals and serviced offices in key commercial districts.

Servcorp Malaysia now offers two new and exciting possibilities in the office arena through their furnished office rentals and serviced offices. The company headlines these two offices as spaces set to inspire and provide key innovations in rented spaces.

Furnished offices and serviced offices are now a preferred trend by many startup businesses as these offices often have the professional undertones needed in a workplace. With furnishings available, the said office type is set to attract more clients to sit down and conduct business with a company. These spaces also have good potentials to make employees feel comfortable within their work environment.

Both Servcorp office types may feature services such as IT facilities and receptionist or secretarial services. The said advantages can provide many entrepreneurs to concentrate better on their business sales rather than worry over every minute detail in the daily operations.

Servcorp Malaysia also wants to promote its office spaces as a prime emergency relocation for businesses. The company aims to be the top contingency measure in case an enterprise has to transfer to another location within a country or even in another nation. It promises faster and more efficient office spaces especially for companies that need to resume operations after an unexpected event or disaster.

People interested to rent serviced offices and furnished rentals can see these proposed office spaces by booking onsite tours on the company’s webpage. Servcorp Malaysia’s website has an online tour form clients may fill out to schedule a tour at the soonest possible time. For people who can’t afford an onsite visit, Servcorp also has a virtual tour a person can use to catch a glimpse of these latest offers. In case a client wants to know more, the company also has a live chat feature for people who want to ask questions and pose other possible inquiries.

Servcorp Malaysia hopes that by creating more awareness for their offices and its commitment to business continuity, more people would become interested to re-evaluate what quality office space means. For more information on the said office spaces and on the company itself, visit

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