Picture Perfect Chocolates is Now "Live" on Kickstarter.com

Picture Perfect Chocolates, a unique online chocolate company, announced today that it's now "live" on KickStarter.com with a project detailing its products and services. Details of the project can be reviewed at: http://kck.st/liszsa.

San Diego, CA, July 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Picture Perfect Chocolates, an online chocolate company specializing in gift designs with edible art and photography on them, announced today that it has started a project on the crowd-funding web site called KickStarter.com. People and companies that want to help Picture Perfect Chocolates in their start-up phase can go to KickStarter and choose different supporter packages priced at different levels. In return, Picture Perfect Chocolates offers its supporters many complimentary products and services to say thank-you for the help. Their project can be found at http://kck.st/liszsa.

Picture Perfect Chocolates does something very unique by transforming delicious chocolate into gift masterpieces. More specifically described as "Chocolate Gold Masterpieces," said Alex Bowen, one of the co-founders. "We combine delectable chocolate, which almost everyone craves, with beautiful art and photography, which everyone loves, to create the perfect gift. As the pièce de résistance, our chocolate is made with edible gold dust, which turns an average chocolate into an eloquent and expressive gift that will symbolize anyone's sophistication and style," said Alex Bowen.

"Award-winning artists and photographers are the 'icing on the cake" of their gift service," said Mrs. Bowen, another one of the co-founders. Many of their chocolate gift designs are from well-known or famous artists and photographers. For example, one of their licensed artists is Brad Bowen, one of the co-founders, who is an award winning artist and publisher. One of his paintings is included on KickStarter.com and he will be adding many of his other paintings, photographs and designs to their chocolates in the near future. Picture Perfect Chocolates will also be adding other well-known artists and photographers as well, so customers can choose them as gifts also.

Alex Bowen states, "The idea to combine food with art/photography was an obvious one when he spotted custom cakes in the bakery with the edible images on them. But, we wanted to do something unique by using a different product that could be shipped anywhere and not spoil as fast as cakes. We also wanted to use our art and photography background to create a collection of food gifts that were very beautiful, classy and museum quality. We didn’t want to create the typical box of chocolates, no disrespect to chocolate artisans everywhere. We wanted to create chocolate gifts that your family, friends and neighbors would say 'wow, how beautiful, how unique, how delicious. Where did you find this neat product and service?'” 

Picture Perfect Chocolates is a very unique gift and service in that it not only allows the gift giver to quickly and conveniently find a specific gift for someone for a special occasion or event but, it combines three popular gift categories into one package: delicious chocolate, beautiful art/photography and a matching greeting card. The same art &/or photograph that's on the chocolate design is also printed on the front of a greeting card for customers to use. They can print a generic message in the card for customers or leave it blank for customers to write in. Either way, the greeting card is a great addition to their gift packages that customers really appreciate.

Picture Perfect Chocolates are designed and intended to be premium gift packages for someone that wants to really impress the person that they’re giving the gift to: family, relatives, friends or business associates. They’re created using delicious, high-quality chocolate, icing (like on cakes) and food coloring on top plus they make their chocolate with edible gold dust for that extra touch of style and class. In addition, most of the art and photography that they include in the designs are from well-known or famous artists and photographers. And many of their creations have never been shared with the general public before so customers are receiving something very very special.

Some of the catchy slogans that Picture Perfect Chocolates use are:
Delicious Chocolate Transformed Into Gift Masterpieces With Real Edible Gold Dust In Every Chocolate!
The Perfect Gift, For Every Reason, For Every Season
One Look & You're Hooked

For more information go to http://kck.st/liszsa or go to KickStarter.com and search for Picture Perfect Chocolates.

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