JCFaith.com (Christian Myspace Alternative) Announces the Launch of the Campaign 2008 Channel

Chattanooga, TN, March 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- JCFaith.com announces the launch of the Campaign 2008 Channel (http://www.jcfaith.com/Campaign2008/), a political group designed to empower the 2008 presidential politicians the ability to connect with JCFaith users around the world. The Campaign 2008 Channel will house a voter registration tool, links to all official candidate profiles, videos, and up to date news content. The launch of the Campaign 2008 Channel kicks-off a series of online and offline political programming continuing through the 2008 presidential elections.

Joe Biden: http://www.jcfaith.com/Joe_Biden/

Hillary Clinton: http://www.jcfaith.com/Hillary_Clinton

John Edwards: http://www.jcfaith.com/John_Edwards

Rudy Giuliani: http://www.jcfaith.com/Rudy_Giuliani

Duncan Hunter: http://www.jcfaith.com/Chris_Dodd

Dennis Kucinich: http://www.jcfaith.com/Dennis_Kucinich

John McCain: http://www.jcfaith.com/John_McCain

Barack Obama: http://www.jcfaith.com/Barack_Obama

Ron Paul: http://www.jcfaith.com/Ron_Paul/

Mitt Romney: http://www.jcfaith.com/Mitt_Romney

Chris Dodd: http://www.jcfaith.com/Chris_Dodd

Bill Richardson: http://www.jcfaith.com/Bill_Richardson

About JCFaith
Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, JCFaith is a Faith-based online social networking website that provides the most comprehensive and tightly integrated set of publishing, communication, and networking features to support and enable the social web. JCFaith s functionality supports users’ migration toward the social web, where users can engage, create, and share their personalized content online in a multitude of ways, for a more meaningful spiritual fellowship.

For more information about JCFaith, please visit www.JCFaith.com.

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