Kaufmann-Rothstein International Posts Annual Achievements, Number of Active Customers Accounts

The year 2010 has been an excellent and positive year for Kaufmann-Rothstein International, as it recently posted its 2010 Trading Volume Growth and an increased number of new and active trading accounts for the same year.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Significantly, Kaufmann-Rothstein International has recorded a daily trading volume of 1.3 billion, the highest trading volume recorded for the year 2010 which took place during Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s 31st year anniversary last December 2010. This unprecedented increase in trading volume was spurred by a sizeable increase in customer accounts, which also includes accounts of individual traders and money managers around the world.

Observing on Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s impressive annual growth for 2010, Mr. Fred Watkins, Co-Founder of the Kaufmann-Rothstein International remarked: “We are extremely proud of what we have achieved for the last year. Our achievement can also be attributed to the launching of our forex trading platform four years ago. Since the introduction of our forex trading platform, our premier objective is to ensure that our clients have a responsible and informed online trading experience through our latest trading technology and committed customers’ service representatives.”

As per report by Bank of International Settlements, the standard daily earnings in global foreign exchange market are anticipated to be $3.98 trillion.

The retail forex or the “off-exchange market” sector along is projected to be 2 percent of the entire forex market or at least $50 billion in daily trading volume.

“We are remarkably pleased with the rapid growth in our clients’ accounts for the last four years. Since our trading operation we have also rapidly expanded our business presence in some part of the world. In 2010, we have successfully opened offices in Latin American and South Africa. Early this year, Kaufmann-Rothstein International plans to open offices in South America and Canada,” added Watkins.

In 2007, Kaufmann-Rothstein International further expanded its trading operations in Middle East and some part of Asia Pacific Region with new trading desks in Dubai and Tokyo, Japan. At present, Kaufmann-Rothstein International has become a fast growing online foreign exchange trading provider with approximately 150,000 live accounts worldwide and 30 branch offices in 8 countries which include United States, China, Asia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Ukraine. Kaufmann-Rothstein International has gathered more than 2,000 accounts since the first time it accepted live customers a year ago. By comparison to 2007 growth, based on individual regional basis, Kaufmann-Rothstein International has achieved an annual client growth of 135 percent while its international offices has recorded a total growth of 89 percent.

“With the growth forecasts for the equity and bond markets, global retail traders appear to be gradually turning to the off-exchange forex markets,” noted Watkins. “Kaufmann-Rothstein International endeavors to profit from this advantageous situation by offering clients with a diversity of off-exchange currency trading services. “We have also plan to setting up a prime brokerage model for the firm, which will facilitate immediate delivery of fairly and low trading costs and more effective trade execution to our international clients through our most reliable online forex trading platform.”

Kaufmann-Rothstein International
Paul Reeves