Luna Park Sydney Integrates Technology to Share Experiences via Social Media in Real Time Using NFC, Multi-Channel and Mobile Technologies

Sydney entertainment icon, Luna Park, has launched "My Experience," the high-tech integrated result from joint development with Centryc Solutions. Using leading edge technologies, such as Portrait Dialogue from Pitney Bowes Business Insight, Luna Park guests can extend their In Real Life experience online with auto Facebook status updates and photo posts.

Sydney, Australia, July 06, 2011 --( The new “My Experience” initiative launched by Sydney entertainment icon Luna Park, uses a high-tech integrated solution to automatically add real-time social media interaction to its in Park experience.

“My Experience” is the result of months of development between Luna Park Sydney and Centryc Solutions (Centryc). “My Experience” allows guests at Luna Park to easily share their experience through automated updates on Facebook including instantly posting ride photographs, status updates and their Extreme-O-Meter rating out of ten (which is based on how many rides they go on).

Transforming offline activity to online extends the guest’s In-Real-Life (IRL) experience allowing it to be shared with friends at the Park as well as their Facebook friends at home.

Jeremy Nance, Marketing Manager at Luna Park Sydney said “We now consume information at an incredibly fast pace. We don’t want to know what happened, we want to know what’s happening. “My Experience” is all about capturing content for guests and allowing them to share that content with their Facebook Friends easily and in real time.”

The “My Experience” technology solution incorporates near field communication, multi-channel campaign and mobile technologies to deliver “My Experience” across SMS, email, web and Facebook.

The access layer uses RFID inlays and proximity readers to track when a guest goes on each ride. Originally the domain of logistics management, RFID provides a simple, unobtrusive mechanism to link a guest’s actions in the Park, such as photos taken, status updates and the number of rides they go on, to the orchestration and execution layer. Industry experts from RFID N PRINT and Unique Micro Design (UMD) have ensured a streamlined access layer experience for each guest.

The orchestration and execution layer is powered by Portrait Dialogue from Pitney Bowes Business Insight. Portrait Dialogue is provided in a hosted, on-demand model to enable the elasticity to handle the peaks and troughs of demand and uses preconfigured rules to track and monitor each guest’s progress through Luna Park. Triggers based on items such as activity, location and time of day initiate interactions through SMS, Facebook and email.

The interaction layer physically delivers ride photographs, status updates and the Extreme-O-Meter rating to the guest’s Facebook Newsfeed where their friends can “like” and “comment” on them in real time. It also delivers Exclusive SMS offers to the guest based on pre-defined triggers as well as an End of Day Email which provides a summary of their entire experience so they can re-live their day’s fun anytime they want to.


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