Aquamedia Announces There is Finally a Fail-Safe Water Leveler

Aquamedia Group Companies Announce New Electronic Water Levelers - guaranteed not to stick or jam. They will automatically fill your pond, pool or fountain.

San Diego, CA, July 06, 2011 --( With over 130 different water leveling devices on the market, most have stuck or jammed at one time or another, causing pond overflows, floods and worse. Now homeowners can confidently rely on the 100% guarantee offered by Aquamedia for their electronic auto-filler -- the AquafillT.M. at -- which is the only automatic water leveler with this promise.

“This is the only autofill I trust! In 8 years it never once stopped working and my koi fish are safe from being accidentally killed with chlorinated water,” commented Rene Durruthy, a homeowner in Chula Vista, California. “The old mechanical water leveler corroded and got stuck, and tap water flowed into my pond while I was away, killing all my beautiful fish.”

“This won’t happen with the Aquafill,” promises Douglas Hoover, CEO of Aquamedia Group Companies. “Furthermore, our warranty is longer than any other company. And we charge ¼ the price that they do!”

Doug recommends that when considering autofill devices (visit, it is best to avoid the majority of toilet-tank type water level valves since they are so prone to corrosion or other malfunctions. “Imagine a continuously running toilet tank. Well, if the toilet didn’t have an overflow pipe taking the water to a drain, the result would be a wet disaster. But with an electronic water level float installed in your pond, swimming pool, spa or fountain, you can avoid catastrophe and insurance claim.”

“It's best to avoid automatic water level controllers that utilize sensing probes suspended in the water to detect the level," he added. "Slightly acidic or alkaline water can cause the electrodes to corrode, thus reducing the ability to detect the small flow of current flow required to detect conductivity by the electronic circuit board." Only a few electronic water levelers will do this, which is why the Aquafill is such a long-awaited answer to this problem.

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