Recurrent Ulcers in a Patient with Post-Thrombotic Syndrome Treated with Triticum's Honey Dressings

Doctor Pereira Albino (vascular surgeon) wrote a case report titled: “Recurrent ulcers in a patient with post-thrombotic syndrome." This was published in the latest Wounds UK Journal (Vol.7, No.2).

Maastricht, Netherlands, July 07, 2011 --( Honey has been found to result in successful outcomes for many wound types. The mode of action is contributed to low pH, the capability to produce hydrogen peroxide and the osmotic action. The honey dressing used in this case has previously been compared to silver dressings. Du Toit and Page (2009) examined the cell morphological effects of two key cellular components of wound healing, keratinocytes and fibroblasts, when in contact with honey and silver-impregnated dressings. They concluded that the honey-impregnated dressings had the potential to promote new tissue regeneration or healing.

This case study reports about the significant therapeutic advantages of the honey-based dressings (L-Mesitran) over other previously used dressings. The recurring ulcer was successfully healed in six weeks, without any adverse effects and with minimal material costs. Honey dressings showed to be a non-invasive and cost-efficient alternative therapy compared to standard treatment methods, or surgical intervention for leg ulcerations.

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