Patriot PAY Offers California Employers New Payroll Software Choice

California small business owners have a new online option for payroll software: Patriot PAY, offered by Patriot Software, Inc.

Canton, OH, July 07, 2011 --( Patriot PAY online payroll software, developed by Patriot Software, Inc., is now available to small business owners in California. Designed exclusively for American small businesses with up to 50 employees, Patriot PAY is currently available in 22 states, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

“We’re excited to offer our payroll software to one of the largest business markets in the United States,” according to Wendy Smith, payroll manager for Patriot Software.

Because Patriot PAY is a Software as a Service (SaaS), California business owners can run payroll online anytime and anywhere. Whether they’re working from their office in Los Angeles or traveling to San Francisco, Patriot PAY offers complete access all the time, with no time-wasting downloads or payroll updates. It takes just moments to complete a payroll and get back to business.

With Patriot PAY, payroll is in the employer’s hands. They can choose traditional printed paychecks or paperless payroll options such as online bill pay, direct deposit, or pay cards. They can customize payroll settings for their business, adding unlimited payroll contributions or deductions, pay codes, and other options.

Affordable Service

Starting at $10 per month, Patriot PAY is easy on the budget, offering employers great value for their dollar, including 24/7 access to payroll data, unlimited payroll runs, and routine customer support when needed. There are no hidden costs, and business owners can add or cancel payroll services anytime with no hassles or cancellation fees.

Guaranteed Accuracy

California small business owners can count on guaranteed accuracy of payroll tax calculations, or Patriot will pay any associated fines or penalties. And Patriot PAY has help built right into the system with training articles or videos.

Easy to Start

Whether California business owners are starting up a new business or switching payroll providers, Patriot PAY makes it easy to start anytime. Employers can enter their historical payroll data for accurate records or start fresh with Patriot in a new quarter.

Hassle-Free Add-ons

Patriot Software also offers other optional payroll services that work with Patriot PAY to streamline the payroll process. TaxBeGone, the payroll deposit and filing service, and MY Patriot, an employee self-serve (ESS) website, are affordable add-ons that can take the hassle out of payroll.

Patriot gives customers plenty of options to try out the payroll software. Customers can:

Watch a short video overview of the payroll software.

Take a free 48-hour test drive of Patriot PAY on their own, using the sample data or filling in their own data to run payroll, add and edit employees, and explore MY Patriot.

Sign up for a custom demo with a Patriot customer support representative, who will walk the customer through the payroll process and answer questions along the way.

Sign up for Patriot PAY and receive their first month free. There’s never any obligation, and customers can cancel anytime.

About Patriot Software, Inc.

Patriot Software, Inc., located in Canton, Ohio, helps simplify employee management with online software applications for Payroll and Employee Payroll Taxes. Our online payroll software gives customers freedom to access their business data anytime, anywhere.

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