Releases New Cooling Beverage Dispenser launches new beverage dispenser specially designed to keep drinks cold without diluting them.

Bristol, RI, July 07, 2011 --(, a Display Shops specialty store, has released a model of drink dispenser with a special cooling ice chamber. This drink dispenser is made from glass and features a hexagonal shape to fit flush against walls, even in a corner space. This model also comes with a decorative wire base and drip tray for an upscale look and to protect tablecloths and wood tables from stains and water damage. While not meant for carbonated beverages, this drink dispenser is safe for acidic fruit juices like orange juice or lemonade, and is made using a spring action spigot to control the flow of liquid while serving.

“This drink dispenser is most popular among high end catering companies for weddings and other special events,” explains Sandra Reno, product manager for Display Shops. “Many university food services also use this model for awards banquets, graduation receptions, and conferences and speeches. We designed this beverage holder in glass with a specially domed top to give it a more upscale appearance, so it can be used at high profile events.”

This drink dispenser can hold up to two gallons of liquid at a time, and more of the same beverage can be easily replaced through the top of the dispenser. The most innovative part of this new product is the removable cooling chamber. This insert can be filled with either cubed or crushed ice and inserted into the dispenser, keeping beverages cold, without diluting the drink with melted ice. Customers are advised to only fill the chamber with ice, and not freeze it. Freezing the glass could result in cracking and breakage.

“One of the biggest problems in catering and the food industry services is keeping drinks cold while still maintaining the flavor. Ice melts and dilutes the flavor of the drink, and coolers are cumbersome and unattractive in a more formal setting. This beverage holder fixes that problem by isolating the ice from the beverage. The ice can still cool the drink, but the melted water is kept separate in the removable chamber.”

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