Odd Encounters Seeks Submittals of Paranormal Experiences

New paranormal website is looking for true tales of unexplained phenomena, from recent sightings of UFOs to ghostly encounters to brushes with strange creatures.

Sacramento, CA, July 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Just what are UFOs? Who is Bigfoot? What are ghosts? A new website, OddEncounters.com, hopes to answer these questions by publishing eye-witnessed accounts of paranormal activity.

For centuries, people from all walks of life have had experiences that defy explanation—strange lights in the night sky, ghostly apparitions, brushes with bizarre creatures. Tales of alien encounters, Bigfoot sightings and other paranormal activity have long been the fodder of Hollywood blockbusters, but thousands of people have had real-life experiences that can't be easily explained. Odd Encounters delves into the unknown to explore this unexplained phenomena, publishing real-life accounts of the strangest of the strange, from every day people across the United States and beyond.

Odd Encounters is currently seeking accounts of sightings of UFOs; brushes with strange creatures such as Bigfoot, El Chupacabra and the Loch Ness Monster; and first-hand accounts of ghostly apparitions and mysterious orbs.

Along with the stories themselves, users are able to upload supporting media files, such as videos of UFOs, ghost photographs and EVP audio recordings (voices from the afterlife caught on tape). A discussion area will be established for visitors to comment on each story, and a podcast featuring the Odd Encounter of the Week will be featured on the site. Stories are currently being compiled and are scheduled to be published on the website by the end of Summer 2011.

If you've had a real paranormal experience, submit your story to Odd Encounters today at www.oddencounters.com. You may remain anonymous if you prefer.

The truth is out there. Help bring it into the light.

For more information, send an email to info@oddencounters.com

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