Kaufmann-Rothstein International Adds New FX Ground-Breaking Trading System to Accommodate Various Foreign Exchange Classes

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a premier trading service provider of related commodity futures and brokerage products, and now focused on providing foreign exchange products and services, has officially announced the release of a new Foreign Exchange Trading System called eFXTrade Version 3.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The new Foreign Exchange Trading System is projected to accommodate various forex classes and forex trading styles. It is also expected to offer transparency in the foreign exchange market industry.

The new and ground-breaking trading system also backs up and enhances existing position management, margining, algorithmic trading and features of risk exposures for Kaufmann-Rothstein International existing foreign exchange trading platforms and systems. The new foreign exchange system is also utilized by most major market-making and other leading brokers.

"With our new foreign exchange trading system, traders and investors of foreign exchange products will definitely experience an extraordinary increase in market transparency, as compared to the forex trading system that was previously introduced and used by our clients. We believe that this new system will also augment price spreads reliability, exhibit true and in-depth market conditions, and provide results with better trading execution by simply accumulating and positioning doable streaming prices for various order books and market-making financial institutions," explained Mr. Russell Burchett, Kaufmann-Rothstein International Managing Director for Global Foreign Exchange Business Division.

He also added: “Your most preferred liquidity sources and market counterparties will always be displayed to ensure that you will get much access, control and confidence through market objectivity.”

Kaufmann-Rothstein International trading solutions, products and services are directly delivered to its recipients via software-as-a-service layout. This allows active users to go live immediately without the need of having software, transferring necessary data or even affecting other trading systems.

Once online, active trading system users can immediately advance to the Foreign Exchange inside trading solutions of their choice. By utilizing the firm’s new and highly configurable in-house proprietary trading system, traders will experience the industry’s network of lowest latency.

“Our software-as-a-service route trading system spends the shortest time in value evaluation particularly in electronic foreign exchange trading and with the power of the new supporting trading tools, users can systematically arrange solutions accurately based on the market needs,” said Russell Burchett.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International
Paul Reeves