Kaufmann-Rothstein International Welcomes Trading Expert to Lead Futures Product Management Team

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, one of the leading and top-notch commodity futures and brokerage trading service firm, has welcomed the appointment of Mr. Lyndon Archer as the Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s Head of Futures Product Management Team.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The new team will be under the strict supervision of the Emerging Market Department of Kaufmann-Rothstein International. Lyndon Archer’s appointment concurred with the latest announcement of Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s new structures separating its managed futures business unit from its main commodity products and services unit, marking another important amendment within Kaufmann-Rothstein International. Archer brings a robust ten years of trading experience to Kaufmann-Rothstein International with prominent role in Futures Product Management.

“We are happy to welcome Lyndon Archer to the Futures Product Management Team. Establishing new business units along with discovering new products is a significant step for the firm and we have already gone to these great segments seeking the right and productive people to fill these positions. Archer’s inclusion to the Business unit of Futures Product Management is an excellent fit, providing the team a completely comprehensive trading background which includes technology, market knowledge, and strong customer relations,” said Lindsay Kornemann, Chief Operation Officer of Kaufmann-Rothstein International.

“The Futures Product Management Team of Kaufmann-Rothstein International has a considerable huge potential growth over coming years; it is strategically well-positioned and recognized by most active clients. With the continued development and growth of commodity futures trading, we are also expecting to witness significant growth in the existing client base and with the continued integration and deregulation of the energy sectors across Asia and Europe, we expect more clients to trade with us,” said Archer.

As we focus on energy markets, we also anticipate more steady growth in the emission trading with an increase number of investors in the hedge fund sector and will aim to develop our business in these areas in the following years,” Lyndon Archer stressed.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International
Paul Reeves