Handyman Matters of Harrisburg Offers Tips on the Toilet Tank Trickle

Harrisburg, PA, July 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- One of the most annoying problems we all face at one time or another is the toilet tank trickle, that insidious noise that probably keeps waking you up at night. Handyman Matters Harrisburg has identified some simple fixes for this problem keeping you up.

Here are 5 tips for fixing the problem that any average do-it-yourselfer can fix in less than 5 minutes:

The chain between the flush lever and the flapper valve is adjusted too short and not letting the flapper close completely – put some slack in it
The chain is adjusted too long and laying between the flapper and its seat – take out the excess slack
The flapper valve is worn or distorted from age or chemicals in the tank water – replace it and don’t use chemicals
The float is adjusted too high and the water level is above the overflow tube – adjust the float so the water stops one inch below the overflow tube
The flush lever sticks in the flush position – replace the flush lever (don’t forget the nut is reverse threaded) or tell “The Hulk” to press the lever gently

Handyman Matters has also experienced several less common causes that the average DIYer might not be able to fix:

The water seems to stop but continues to flow slowly and gradually rises above the overflow – replace the fill valve assembly (don’t forget to turn the supply valve off)
The water level gradually drops and the fill valve starts the water flow again, and again, and again – there can be several causes for this:

the flapper valve is defective
there is a crack or a pinhole in the overflow tube
the hose (usually black) that goes from the fill valve to the overflow tube was not installed properly and is pushed down into the overflow tube resulting in a siphoning action

All of these problems can lead to further damage to the bathroom if not resolved right away. Handyman Matters suggest trying the tips above to fix the problem and if it still persists call us right away. Handyman Matters can be reached at 717-566-6604 or visit www.handymanmatters.com/harrisburg/. Handyman Matters is available for interviews, call to schedule one.


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