New CallTower Hospitality Services Suite Delivers Unified Communications to Hotel Managers and Executives

CallTower Enhances Its Feature-Rich Guest Room Communications Services With Executive Level Unified Communication and Productivity Services

San Francisco, CA, March 24, 2007 --( CallTower, Inc., the leading provider of Always-On, hosted communications and collaboration solutions, today announced the CallTower Hospitality Services Unified Communication (UC) Suite. 

The new CallTower Hospitality Services UC Suite allows hotel executives and management to have enterprise-class personal and office productivity, mobile device integration, management portal control and multiple means of messaging and retrieval. 

Hotel Executives can now use CallTower’s Hospitality Services Unified Communications Suite to access Global-100-type productivity-enhancing capabilities. With CallTower's Unified Communication, hotel executives connect with co-workers, partners, suppliers and customers in real-time, share critical and time-sensitive information and collaborate with other organizations, while taking advantage of built-in security measures to safeguard proprietary business information. 

The CallTower Hospitality Services Unified Communications Suite includes:  “talking” email, Announced Caller Digital Assistant™, instant secure conferencing, pooled hotel operators for multiple properties, integrated Instant Messaging and presence management, full desktop communications to/from handheld PDA devices, and updated hotel management reports.

Hospitality Managers and Executives Achieve Profit, Productivity Gains
CallTower’s Hospitality Suite is built on the Cisco® CallManager technology, and allows hotel owners/managers to connect, with one common infrastructure, phones, high speed Internet, energy management, room mini-bars, operations, reservations, night operator, marketing and concierge services. 

Guest room phones display local and home weather, stock quotes, local dining options, local directories, currency rates, airport schedules, room service menus, and the ability to message all members of a guest group at a hotel, and directly dial or message them on the Cisco® color touch screen phone in group members’ guest rooms.

CallTower Turns Hotel Telephony Back Into A Revenue Generator
CallTower Hospitality Services provides secure, feature rich and easy to use guest room services on Cisco 7970 color touch screen phones. The hosted service to hotel rooms eliminates the maintenance costs of managing and maintaining on-premise telephony, messaging platforms, Internet service, and guest services systems and integrates with all PMS systems. CallTower Hospitality Services addresses cost and productivity challenges, provides superior guest services and satisfaction, creates revenue opportunities and delivers advanced hotel management applications. 

CallTower services allow hotels and hospitality groups to increase their customer service and satisfaction, while reducing capital expense. Hotels that rely on CallTower’s hosted voice and data services benefit from:

- True Unified Communication that delivers increased productivity and reduced communication and collaboration costs.
- Converged network infrastructure.
- Obsolescence-proof hardware and services.
- Executives being able to work and communicate effectively from anywhere.
- The strategic competitive advantage of advanced business communication and collaboration applications.

“CallTower’s advanced, hosted voice and data systems provide hotel groups with an opportunity to turn telephony into a profit center. Additionally, hoteliers increase guest satisfaction, and as a result, occupancy and revenue. With CallTower Hospitality Services, hotel executives also have access to Global-100-class Unified Communications which allows them to more effectively and profitably manage their hotels,” said John Trimmer, CallTower CEO. “With CallTower Hospitality Services, hotel guests can now make informed decisions and enjoy unique services – based on personalized content – as well as receive unified access to phone, email, and the Internet with the touch of a button from their guest room.”

CallTower Hospitality Unified Communication Service Pricing and Availability
Hotel owners, operations and managers who purchase CallTower’s secure, hosted, communications and collaborations solutions can be up and running in just 45 days. The new CallTower Hospitality Services Unified Communication Suite is available now and is priced on a competitive per-user basis that includes:

- A Personal Digital Assistant that announces the caller
- The ability to click-to-dial from any message or on any person
- The ability to escalate an Instant Message to a conference call with one click
- Instant collaboration and file sharing
- Integrated Outlook and the ability to schedule colleagues instantly

About CallTower
CallTower, Inc. is the leading provider of hosted enterprise-class communications and collaboration applications and services for growing hotels and businesses nationwide. CallTower’s solutions enable companies to conduct process transformation and to leverage their voice and data communications into a strategic competitive advantage in today’s market. 

CallTower’s secure, Always-On voice and data services provide companies with enterprise-class reliability, a single point of support, productivity-enhancing features, a comprehensive scalable suite of vertical market applications, and 24/7 service for a fixed monthly fee. By using CallTower’s solutions, growing businesses – companies with multiple offices and from 20-10,000 users – can now receive the same class of communications reliability and service traditionally reserved for Global 100 corporations. 

Headquartered in San Francisco, CallTower has operations in Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City, and sales offices throughout the United States. More information on CallTower Hospitality Services can be found on the Internet at or by calling toll-free 888-586-5900. 


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