Gravity’s Force Carrier "Graviton" is Found with Its Material Particles "Neutrinos" by 24 DNA Founders

"Gravity is really a combination of Electromagnetic, Spacetime, and Weak Nuclear Force. The Weak Nuclear Force is dominant, an inverse of Gravity with their respective force carriers of W- and W+ Bosons," says 24 DNA "Mad Scientist," Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Garden Grove, CA, July 13, 2011 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Garden Grove, California, and its founders announces today their findings of the true identity of the elusive Graviton particle as W+ Bosons, a force carrier of Gravity on their website The 24-page report is free and available 24/7 to download. This report highlights all their recent discoveries, including the identity of Graviton.

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, "This is incredible. Once we identified Spacetime’s force carrier Higgs Field-Higgs Boson as the same phenomena as Dr. Hideki Yukawa’s ‘Hadron-Meson’ or K-Meson and P-Meson, other areas opened up. We saw that Electroweak was another natural force with its force carrier Z Boson which brought a total of six natural forces for our Universe; Electromagnetic, Electroweak, Spacetime, Strong Nuclear Force, Weak Nuclear Force and Gravity. Each natural force’s force carrier is Photons, Z Bosons, Hadron-Mesons, Gluons, W+- Bosons and Gravitons, respectively. These were initially predicted by our New Standard Model of 20 Elementary Particles and Universe Master Blueprint-YHWH."

"We now rediscovered Dr. Hideki Yukawa’s ‘God’s Particle’ or Higgs Mechanism-Higgs Bosons. But, we left one more missing and elusive ‘Graviton,’ the force carrier of Gravity from inclusively being part of the New Standard Model of 20 Elementary Particles. Our New Model and Universe Master Blueprint-YHWH showed that Graviton is a massive particle but information in the scientific literature showed it as either being massless or massive. So, we went back to our Universe Master Blueprint-YHWH and restudied Laws that governed Generation 3 of the Blueprint which listed Gravity as a super partner of Weak Nuclear Force. These three laws; the Law of Singularity, Law of Symmetry and Law of Inverse or Inverse Square Law govern every action, interaction of our parallel Universe with their combinations, individual actions and interactions, which gave us the true identity of Graviton," said Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, "Our Universe Master Blueprint-YHWH showed that of the eight force carriers, only two were part of Generation 3. But, the current Model showed W+ and W- Bosons as force carriers of Weak Nuclear Force only and Gravity’s force carrier as Graviton, the hypothetical particle. From the 3 laws mentioned earlier, we identified Weak Nuclear Force with its material particle Electrons, force carriers W- Bosons and Gravity with its material particle Neutrinos, force carriers W+ Bosons which is the same phenomena as 'Graviton.' Therefore, the elusive or missing force carrier 'Graviton' for Gravity is really the W+ Boson! Details of these discoveries are discussed in our series of books entitled ‘14 Scientific Life Changing Discoveries of the 21st Century’ which will be released soon."

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24 DNA is a privately held company in Garden Grove, CA. Its founders discovered various genetic Blueprints such as the “Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents” which recently been granted a provisional patent by USPTO. 24 DNA and its founders discovered the Universe Master Blueprint, which 2 new Periodic Tables with 218 Elements were invented and also revised the current Standard Model of Elementary Particles.

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