Bijoux Bracelets Rides Wave of Success with At-Sea Business

At-sea business Bijoux Bracelets launches website featuring world inspired hand painted bead bracelets, watchlets, pendants, charms and glass bead peace bracelets. Part proceeds are donated to

Provincetown, MA, March 24, 2007 --( Ask jewelry designer and craft diva, Christine Barnsley, the address of her new Bijoux Bracelets boutique and you may receive several surprising answers. Like many independent artists, Barnsley’s studio is located in her home. Barnsley’s home, however, just happens to be a 40-foot sail boat that’s currently cruising the Atlantic Seaboard.

“I have been living and cruising with my husband for nearly seven years, from the Cayman Islands to Cape Cod,” said Barnsley. “Before I decided to live on a sailboat, I wanted to be sure I could continue to make jewelry. Because space is an issue, even on a 40-foot sailboat, I could not continue to make the silver jewelry that I had created in the past. I needed to scale it down.”

Barnsley set out to make her jewelry business mobile, eventually setting up shop near the boat’s navigation system.

“I decided beading was a fantastic way to continue with this medium. There are no chemicals involved, no ovens needed, no torches, polishing machines or silver dust everywhere. It’s just me, my beads, my paints and my design board now,” said Barnsley.

And with a 360 degree view of ideas and inspiration behind her jewelry, customers can expect a unique collection of hand painted, whimsical and romantic bracelets, watchlets, pendants and charms in colors and designs that fashion every changing season.

“My designs are more than just jewelry,” explained Barnsley. “And my beads are more than just painted beads. I meticulously hand paint every bead from images during my travels at sea that inspire me personally - they transform into collectible, wearable art.”

What makes Bijoux Bracelets even more beautiful is Barnsley donates 10% of each Bijoux Bracelets sale to CARE (, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with special focus on improving basic education for women, preventing the spread of HIV, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, and expanding economic opportunity and protecting natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.

“Part of my motivation in starting Bijoux Bracelets was my desire to donate money to a charitable organization that I really believed in,” said Barnsley. “I think I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to at least try to start a business. There are so many talented, creative and hard working women in other countries that don’t even have the chance to try, but really want to.”

Visit Bijoux Bracelets online boutique at to view their entire collection of world-inspired jewelry and accessories and to learn more about their donations to

Bijoux Bracelets
Christine Barnsley

Bijoux Bracelets
Christine Barnsley