Healthy Baking Flour is Now Being Sold by Caravan Ingredients

In the past, before the rise of health conscious America, only a few companies sold healthy baking ingredients. But now, more and more companies, such as Caravan Ingredients, are selling these healthy baking mixes and ingredients to consumers.

Scotch Plains, NJ, July 13, 2011 --( Within the past decade, the American people have become more and more aware about their health. This change has led to a shift within the food industry to use more natural healthier ingredients and less artificial preservatives. As a result, the every day consumer and baking company has also started shifting what ingredients they use and where they buy their ingredients. This trend has become especially noticeable with the presence of organizations and companies that cater to this new found health conscious population. One such company is Caravan Ingredients.

Caravan Ingredients sells a number of healthy baking ingredients to bakers so they can incorporate healthy ingredients such as Sta-Creme and Heart of Rye into their delectable baked treats. The products sold by Caravan Ingredients can be incorporated into a whole slew of baked goods including, pies, rolls, cakes, breads, danishes, buns and even muffins. In fact, each plant run by Caravan Ingredients produces ingredients with a specific baked good in mind. For instance, a plant in Totowa, New Jersey, produces dry blend flour for baked goods such as low carb tortilla. Besides being used in baked goods, the ingredients sold by Caravan Ingredients can even be used in many different non baked goods such as icings and custards. There are so many delicious combinations of baked goods and non baked goods that are made from healthy ingredients, such as the ones sold by Caravan Ingredients and other such companies, that it is a wonder why this healthy eating fad did not catch on sooner. For more information about Caravan Ingredients, please visit caravaningredients. com

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