Riechesbaird's "Branding Business" Radio Show Spotlights How Market Research Influences Brand Strategy

Bill MacElroy, President of Socratic Technologies and Chris St. Hilaire, President of M4 Strategies provide insights about the importance of shaping public opinion.

Irvine, CA, July 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- RiechesBaird, named one of the nation’s top b-to-b corporate branding agencies in the United States by BtoB Magazine earlier this year for the 10th consecutive year, is set to premier the next installment of the bi-weekly “Branding Business” radio show. The new show, found at www.brandingbusiness.com, focuses on how market research influences brand strategies, and features Bill MacElroy, President of Socratic Technologies and Chris St. Hilaire, President of M4 Strategies, and is hosted by Alan Brew, Principal at RiechesBaird.

“Companies that position their brands without extensive market research do so at their own risk,” said Brew. “Strategic, in-depth research is very likely to uncover significant competitive opportunities and threats that previously had not been considered. And that added insight can make all of the difference between the success and failure of the brand – and most importantly – the business.”

MacElroy co-founded Socratic Technologies, Inc. in 1994 and has more than 25 years of extensive experience in strategic planning and marketing research. One of the top 100 research firms in the United States, the San Francisco-based research agency focuses on computer-based and interactive marketing research, and specializes in product development and brand articulation research for the high technology, financial services, business-to-business and consumer products, services and retail sectors.

St. Hilaire is the author of the book, 27 Powers of Persuasion, which CNBC called “powerful new ideas on how to get others to follow you.” Over the past 10 years, M4 Strategies has shaped messages for hundreds of political campaigns, public awareness efforts, corporate branding campaigns and high-value jury trials. The name M4 Strategies honors the foundations of all effective communication campaigns: Message, Messenger, Medium and Momentum.

The ‘Branding Business’ radio show is part of a new online community, www.BrandingBusiness.com, dedicated to brand strategy, brand development and brand engagement. It is an open online forum, for branding professionals, their clients and interested prospects. Along with sharing RiechesBaird’s experience-driven expertise with an unmatched portfolio in the B2B world and thought leadership through a variety of interactive opportunities, it is designed to bring together the best minds in branding and provide an engaging conversation about branding as a business tool. Branding Business includes the latest blog articles, lively debates, topical discussions, critical inquiries, answer to questions and questions to answer.

“’Branding Business’ is not merely a tag line or ‘shorthand’ for our B2B expertise,” said Ray Baird, co-founder and president of RiechesBaird. “It’s a corporate branding methodology that embraces business strategy to enhance business performance. Our vision is to create the world’s most successful brands, and our mission is to find greatness and promote it fearlessly. BrandingBusiness.com is a natural extension of our work, and a valuable place for businesses to discover real-world insights that help drive business forward and improve market share.”

The ‘Branding Business’ radio show features Brew and the firm’s co-founders, Ryan Rieches and Baird, as they interview influential CEOs and discuss and analyze the latest news and trends in the world of branding and branding strategies. From BP’s five minutes of shame to healthcare business branding strategies to analyzing the outlook for 2011, these gentlemen share their insights and knowledge of branding in today’s ever-changing business environment.

RiechesBaird, a leader in corporate branding, specializes in building the value of B2B companies like American Airlines Cargo, Toyota, Sharp and Linksys, a division of Cisco. With offices in California and New York, RiechesBaird provides local service to their ever-growing group of marquee clients on both coasts.

These success stories helped secure RiechesBaird’s inclusion in the “Top Small Agency” rankings by B2B Magazine. Their prestigious “B2B Top Agencies Special Report” includes agencies that have a significant amount of B2B business, key clients and range of services. The magazine noted that over the last year RiechesBaird increased revenue by 25%, opened a New York office, added new clients including Constellation Energy and ICU Medical, and launched major campaigns for American Airlines Cargo and Hoag Hospital.

About RiechesBaird
RiechesBaird is internationally recognized as one of the premier brand development firms specializing in business-to-business branding. Our proprietary term “Branding Business” represents both the guiding philosophical essence and our practical approach to branding as it relates to business strategy and growth. Ranked by B2B Magazine as one of the Top 10 Firms for the last decade, RiechesBaird has helped organizations such as American Airlines, Constellation Energy, Sharp, Sage Software and Toyota build leading international brands. Privately held, RiechesBaird has offices in New York and California. For more information, please visit us at www.riechesbaird.com or check out our thought leadership at www.brandingbusiness.com, to learn more about branding your business. RiechesBaird can been reached directly at 949-586-1200 in California and 917-661-4842 in New York.

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