Silver Star Motors Chooses BOC Partners for Automotive Advertising Campaign

Silver Star Motors, a Mercedes Benz dealer based in Long Island City, NY, wanted to increase their number of sales. So they correctly assumed that they would need an advertiser who fully understands the advertising field and could produce results. As a result, they chose BOC Partners.

Westfield, NJ, July 14, 2011 --( All businesses want to increase their profit margin and the only truly possible way to do that is to increase the number of customers; in order to increase customers, the business needs to get its product or service out to more of their target audience or potential consumers. Due to this need to continually increase customers, picking a skillful and experienced advertising agency is important. The ad agency is the connection between the business and its possible consumers. The advertising agency needs to understand the local markets, how the consumer thinks and be skilled enough to place ads in areas where the potential customers will respond to them. Silver Star Motors, a Mercedes Benz dealer, realized the different qualities of a knowledgeable advertiser and so they chose BOC Partners.

Currently, BOC Partners is managing the billboards, print and television ads for Silver Star Motors. However, it is more than simply just managing, it is thoughtful placement. The ads, regardless of if they are in a newspaper or elsewhere, are purposely shown during those specific times or placed in that specific area, in order to get the largest amount of customers interested in Silver Star Motors. Additionally, by using the latest tools and technology, the professionals at BOC Partners are able to track the success of each advertising campaign. Therefore, the experts at BOC Partners can focus the time and effort into the most successful advertising campaigns and Silver Star Motors can continually increase sales. For more information regarding a full service advertising campaign please visit

Silver Star Motors is a certified Mercedes Benz dealer based in Long Island City, NY and they serve customers in the surrounding area including Manhattan. They sell new and certified pre-owned Mercedes including the popular C Class, M Class, E Class and S Class. Additionally, Silver Star Motors has a servicing center and body shop on its premises. For more information about Silver Star Motors, please visit

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