The Rainforest Site's "Click Here To Give" Donations Benefit Sierra Cal Project

Seattle, WA, July 15, 2011 --( With the successful completion of El Paujil Nature Reserve, donations from The Rainforest Site’s "Click Here To Give" button will benefit the Sierra Caral project of World Land Trust-US in 2011. The Rainforest Site is part of the GreaterGood Network of "Click Here To Give" websites that benefit a diverse range of charities and projects.

The Sierra Caral is the single most bio-diverse forest remnant in Caribbean Guatemala. Located in the mountains on Guatemala's border with Honduras, this region serves as habitat for ten critically endangered amphibian species, five of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Visitors can support the World Land Trust-US efforts to protect this area by clicking on the green "Click Here To Give" button at The Rainforest Site. 100% of all “click donations” given to The Rainforest Site by sponsoring advertisers help preserve endangered rainforest habitat.

Every purchase at The Rainforest Site store ( also benefits the World Land Trust-US and other conservation charities. Eco-friendly merchandise includes clothing and other gifts made from recycled materials, organic cotton products, solar lights, and more.

Visitors to The Rainforest Site can donate to specific conservation or wildlife protection projects through the Gifts That Give More[tm] program. 100% of all donations received are distributed to charitable partners around the world by

The GreaterGood Network and The Rainforest Site’s contributions to El Paujil Nature were instrumental in acquiring more than 1,727 acres in the Magdalena Valley of Colombia, home to some of the planet’s most imperiled rainforest habitat and species. Today, the El Paujil Nature Reserve covers 6,935 acres and provides permanent protection for 100 pairs of the critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow, as well as habitat for the Magdalena Spider Monkey, Jaguar, Spectacled Bear, and extremely rare Magdalena race of the Lowland Tapir, Tapirus terrestris columbianus.

More information about Sierra Caral project, El Paujil Nature Reserve, and other conservation projects helped by The Rainforest Site can be found at by clicking on the "About Our Projects" tab on the homepage.

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