Leading IT Vendors Launch MoReq2010 Technical Committee and Announce XML Schema

London, United Kingdom, July 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The DLM Forum launches the MoReq2010 Technical Committee to manage and extend MoReq2010, the new European records management specification, and publishes the first XML Schema that enables interoperability between records systems.

The DLM Forum Foundation, the pan-European forum for document, information, records and archives sponsored by the European Commission, today announced the formation of a new Technical Committee which will steer the future direction of the MoReq2010 specification. Leading vendors such as Automated Intelligence, EMC, Fabasoft, Gimmal Group, HP, Open Text, and Oracle, together with Records Management consultants and industry analysts have already joined the new Committee which met for the first time on Friday 7th July 2011.

Simon Cole, CTO of Automated Intelligence and the Chairman of the DLM Forum’s MoReq Governance Board announces that “The publication in June 2011 of MoReq2010 (the new-generation European and international records management specification), has triggered overwhelming interest from all parts of the industry. Numerous specialists and professionals want to be involved in implementing and extending information compliance solutions. In addition to the technical committee the DLM Forum will also be establishing working groups for practitioners, translators and accredited MoReq2010 Test Centres.”

“We have also launched a new feedback website for both general enquiries and specific questions about the MoReq2010 specification,” Simon added. Anyone can sign up at the feedback website and request detailed information about any aspect of the ground-breaking MoReq2010 specification, which is available for free download from this site. (See www.moreq2010.eu)

The announcement coincides with the publication this week of the MoReq2010 Export XML Schema. This XML schema makes possible a unique feature of MoReq2010. Jon Garde, of JournalIT, the Secretary of the MoReq2010 Technical Committee and author of the MoReq2010 specification said, “MoReq2010 is the first records and information management specification that enables interoperability between different MoReq2010 compliant records systems even when built by different suppliers through the use of a defined shared data model. It enables commercial and government organisations to secure and develop critical information independent of email, document content management, cloud and mobile systems, so that when systems are changed, updated, migrated or integrated, the security, value and probity of the records is maintained. We expect that all future information compliance products and systems across Europe will exploit this platform to meet regulatory requirements.”

Rory Staunton, an IT Analyst from Strategy Partners and member of the DLM Forum Executive Committee said: “We expect all large and small vendors across Europe to join this committee as they realise how important it is for them to be able to deliver MoReq2010 compliant products in the near future. These product and services providers are experts in information compliance, and have joined this open and peer review Committee to contribute ideas and best practice to guide the development and enhancement of MoReq2010. Their MoReq2010 compliant products will enable all government and commercial users to introduce badly needed control and compliance to their fragmented IT systems.”


Contact: Simon Cole, MoReq2010 Technical Committee
Email: marketing@dlmforum.eu
Telephone: +44 (0)845 094 1570
DLM Forum website: www.dlmforum.eu
MoReq2010 specification: www.moreq2010.eu
MoReq2010 feedback: feedback.moreq2010.eu

About the DLM Forum:
The DLM Forum was created though an initiative of the European Commission in 1996 with support from the public archives of European Union member states. Until the 2002 the DLM Forum was an inter-disciplinary cooperative effort led by the EU member states and the European Commission. Subsequently, the DLM Forum has evolved to become a wider community of interested parties in archive, records, document and information lifecycle management throughout Europe.

From the third triennial conference in Barcelona in 2002 the DLM Forum has been an independent body and attracted members from both the public and private sector. Although retaining its European roots, it now has many international members from across the globe. In addition to public archives and government bodies it now includes suppliers, consumer organisations, end users, consultants, academic institutions, students, regulatory bodies and associations.

Today, the DLM Forum is a not-for-profit foundation that continues to grow and is well established as an influential European centre, setting standards and guidelines within the disciplines of electronic information archiving and management.
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