Natalie Robinson-Garfield Was the Guest of Donna Marie Thompson, PhD CEO of Goals In Action, LLC -- on the Bouncing Back Now TV Show on Real Coaching Radio TV Network

Noted psychotherapist Natalie Robinson Garfield shared insights and practical solutions from her book; The Sense Connection, with Donna Marie Thompson. She shared how the five senses guide relationships and can be used to resolve and also avoid conflicts.

Washington, DC, July 16, 2011 --( As the guest of Donna Marie Thompson, PhD on the Bouncing Back Now TV show on the Real Coaching Radio TV Network, Natalie Robinson-Garfield answers key questions:

"Why do we find ourselves so compatible with some people yet so out of synch with others? Why do some relationships – personal and professional – start smooth but develop friction? And why do others sputter and then soar?
Frustrate and then fulfill?"

In The Sense Connection, Natalie Robinson Garfield, noted psychotherapist, provided clear insights and practical solutions that address these fundamental relationship questions. On the show, Garfield revealed: "how each person’s “sensory profile” shapes how we see, hear, taste and feel the world around us. Tune in live to see the mysteries unravel."

Garfield has been a practicing psychotherapist in Manhattan and Long Island for over thirty years with extensive experience with individuals and couples. In her book, The Sense Connection, she draws on her experience working with private patients and conducting large conferences and workshops.

Garfield said "Each of us has a leading sense, supported to varying degrees by the other senses. If we know our own sensory profile, we can figure out what we want out of our relationship. These same tools can be used with your spouse to help resolve conflicts. For example, many women are visual and auditory; many men are kinesthetic."

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