FG Solutions International 2012 Traders’ Outlook Survey Results Released

FG Solutions International has recently released its Traders’ outlook survey for 2012 with more than 50 percent of the total respondents remaining neutral or bullish on their position for the stock market, regardless of prolonged global markets volatility over the last few months.

Brussels, Belgium, July 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- A total of two thousand active members who regularly trade with FG Solutions International have participated in this traders’ outlook survey for 2012. These numbers of traders were given the chance to measure and see the potential performance of the stock market in the near future, as well as their concerns and issues in accordance with the destabilized US economy and the after effects of the stock market collapse in 2008. The survey’s results were the following:

· 89 percent of the respondents perceive the present market situations as trading opportunity and not a risk
· More than three quarters of the total respondents plan to improve their number of trades in the next few months, regardless of the sensitive improbability and risk in the markets
· 65 percent of the respondents say that the energy sector can be one of the most prospective in trading; this was followed by basic materials, garnering 39 percent and technology that gathered 28 percent
· Individual stocks attracted 48 percent of the respondents as which investment instrument is most appealing to them; this was followed by 46 percent who prefer exchange-traded funds and 38 percent were considering futures and commodities while some respondents were engrossed to multiple vehicles.
· 80 percent of the respondents believe that gold will become more valuable investment over the next five years.
· Two in every ten respondents are willing to learn the ropes on foreign exchange trading.

“As with any trader, our active clients are vulnerable to the unfavorable results we have been experiencing over the past year. Even so, what we are also seeing is a transformed, although conventional, level of trading confidence among our members who are aggressively looking for new methods to educate themselves and do well in futures trading,” said Daniel Gerbach, the FG Solutions International Global Research Division’s Head. “For this reason, most of our active traders have been demanding for an invaluable site like ours, so that they can have access to appropriate trading resources and tools that they need in taking risks as well as for their trading success, regardless of what the market is doing,” added Gerbach.

“While there is no accurate solution to every unique trading issue, we want to simply maintain our goal of providing a venue for exchanging trading ideas and information. As demonstrated by the result of our survey, our business model was successfully worked well even in a short period of time. Expectantly, this entirely positive outlook among our active traders, who generally more willing to take the risks even in a fundamentally bear market is the result of what we have been able to provide them,” said Gerbach.

FG Solutions International
Graham Watts