Science Inquiry Requires Scientists, Not Magic Says D. J. Grothe

In-depth interview with noted radio host and activist for scientific naturalism D. J. Grothe explores his observations about skepticism, materialism and the supernatural.

Del Mar, CA, March 27, 2007 --( Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews well know radio host and program director for the Center for Inquiry, D. J. Grothe about his experiences advancing scientific naturalism.

During the 50-minute interview Grothe clears up some common misconceptions about science: “There’s not one thing called science that says, ‘x, y and z’.  Scientists are human each with their own motivations, backgrounds, and biases.  It just so happens that the methods of science are the best methods we’ve found to overcome personal bias, personal motivations and all that stuff.”

He also shares wisdom he’s gained by interviewing some of the world’s leading luminaries and researchers for his radio show, Point of Inquiry: “people correct each other… that’s the way the process works.  Skeptics, do they have bias? Yes.  Do they need to be on guard against it? They do.  But, they have to be open-minded at least to the possibility that it may happen.”

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