Free State Lien Law Site Now Includes a Question and Answer Forum for the Self Storage Industry

The new storage auction TV shows have brought a lot of attention to the industry. If you have questions as a storage operator or even as a customer, there is a site for answers.

Stockton, CA, July 17, 2011 --( Self Storage Industry professional Ron VanVarden who created the website for Self Storage has now added a Free Question and Answer Forum for Self Storage. The forum is not only for Self Storage Owners-Operators it is also for tenants, or others interested in the self storage industry operations, including lien sales or auctions.

When asked about this project, Mr. VanVarden commented, “We have expanded the website to including introduced legislation and other laws concerning the industry, and I thought the addition of the Question and Answer Forum was the perfect addition to the site. There are other Self Storage forums, but nothing where owners-operators and tenants can discuss issues together. Now with the popularity of television shows about Storage Auctions, many tenants have questions about their rights and many self storage facilities are wondering if what they see on these shows are legal or just staging for television.”

The Self Storage Laws and the Question and Answer Forum are both free websites available at and

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Ron VanVarden