Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC Releases Four New Salt Body Scrubs

Hiram, GA, July 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC launched four incredible salt body scrubs: Peppermint, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Coconut. The Body Scrubs are affordable for the average consumer at $12.00 per Jar (weight is 1.2 pounds or 19.2 ounces) and the scrub is all natural containing key ingredients that offer an extensive list of health benefits. Listed below are health benefits of the key ingredients:

Epsom Salt

Enhances skin & reduces inflammation
Relieves muscle pain and muscle cramps
Flushes out toxins
Helps muscles and nerves to function properly
Regulates activity of enzymes
Prevents artery hardening and blood clots
Makes insulin more effective
Removes dead skin cells
Improves overall skin texture, color, and tone

Olive Oil

Moisturizes dry skin
Diminishes stretch marks and scars
Helps with aging and wrinkles
Prevents dull looking skin
Contains vitamin E
Speeds up the healing process
Is a primary ingredient in wrinkle treatments
Contains antioxidants


Moisturizes the Skin
Contains antibacterial properties
Soothes the Skin
Reduces blackheads

The owner developed the body scrub after using it on her own body and offering it to family members (who constantly requested it). Her hopes are to offer a great product with great health benefits at an affordable price. Her philosophy is "use natural products on your skin that offer you a lifetime health benefit at an affordable price." www.MikiosNaturalBodyScrub.com, offers further information about the product, a video demonstrating uses of the product, and great articles and information about the health benefits of using Mikios Natural Body Scrub.

Mikio, originally from New Jersey, is a resident of Georgia. She is a graduate of Goucher College (in Townson Maryland) and a graduate of the Graduate School of Public Administration at Georgia State University (in Atlanta Georgia).

Tamikio Smith, CEO July 25, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia

Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC.
Mikio Smith, CEO