Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. Releases Good Safety Practices for Gas Grills

Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. informs public of good safety practices for operating gas grills and handling propane.

Lincoln Park, MI, July 18, 2011 --( Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. is happy to release safety tips for the operation of gas grills. Summertime is a popular season for grill parties and cookouts. Whether people are grilling out for a large party or just for their immediate family, it is extremely important to review some basic safety practices when it comes to operating gas grills. It is also important to keep good safety practices in mind while handling Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Before operating your gas grill, it is a good habit to routinely check specific items to avoid any safety hazards. For example, make sure all tubes leading into the burners are clear of grease, insects or spiders. Pipe cleaners and wires can be used to clear those kinds of blockages. Check tubes for cracking, leaks, holes and brittleness and replace them as needed. Make sure the tubes leading to the grill are as far away as possible from all dripping hot grease and all hot surfaces. Sometimes a safety shield is necessary to protect the hoses. Check connectors for scratches and nicks because those kinds of problems can also cause gas to leak. Checking the grill for gas leaks according to the directions in the grill’s instructions is one way to ensure the grill is in safe working order. If a gas leak is found or if the smell of gas is present after hooking the grill up to the propane, the grill should be turned off. No one should light the grill until the gas leak is fixed and matches, cigarettes, and all flammable materials should be kept away from a leaking grill.

One of the biggest safety hazards concerning gas grills is fires. By picking a safe location for operating your grill, the fire risk can be drastically lowered. Gas grills should be used outside only and be at least ten feet away from any building. Gas grills should never be used in garages, car ports, breezeways or under any surface that can catch fire. And grills should not be used near areas where children will be playing.

Because Liquid Petroleum Gas, or propane, is highly flammable, people need to use caution when storing and using it. Propane should be stored in an upright position away from all flammable materials. It should also be transported in an upright position.

Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. recommends that consumers be guided by the manufacturer’s instructions of the grills they own. By choosing a safe location for grilling, and making sure tubes, hoses and connectors are in good working order, accident risks are less likely to occur. It is also important to use good safety practices concerning propane handling and storage.

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