62% of IT Professionals Surveyed Already Have at Least One Private Cloud Project Underway or Plan to Launch in 2011

The recent survey by Evolven reveals the momentum growing among IT professionals for private cloud technology and enthusiasm about how it can impact the performance of data center operations.

Jersey City, NJ, July 20, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Evolven Software, supplier of the breakthrough change and configuration analytics solution for the modern data center and cloud, announced today survey results showing that a majority of IT professionals have launched at least one private cloud project in their organization or are planning to launch a private cloud initiative in 2011.

The global survey was carried out by Evolven during a recent event conducted with Forrester Research. This survey reflects the enthusiasm shown by IT professionals for private clouds, underscoring the need to address IT configuration management processes and technology to maintain stability for private cloud infrastructures.

The surveyed audience included CIOs, IT Directors, Configuration Managers, Release Managers, System Operations Architects, and Change Managers from many Global 2000 organizations.

The attendees responded to the question: Is your company planning to launch a private cloud initiative in 2011? The participants could choose from the following response options with the results being:

34% We already have one or more projects underway
2% Yes definitely
13% Under consideration as of now
13% We may evaluate it in H2/2nd half of this year
38% No, we have higher priorities

“These reactions reinforce the perception that private cloud is gaining traction as the foundation for the modern data center,” says Sasha Gilenson, CEO of Evolven, “yet IT organizations still face major challenges in preparing their infrastructure to meet this need. The transition to on-premise private cloud-based IT delivery actually represents a dramatic shift for most IT organizations, and this transition is fraught with a number of risks. The growth of private clouds means more support for dynamically changing environment architectures and configurations, and this will require automated configuration management processes that focus on control components.”

Evolven has taken a new approach to IT Operations and redefined configuration management for the modern data center and cloud. Evolven's groundbreaking Configuration Analytics solution takes on the dynamics and complexity of the modern data center and cloud, in a way that was never available before.

IT Operations and Infrastructure teams use Evolven to validate changes and releases to prevent downtime, monitor and detect configuration drift to avert incidents, investigate and identify incident root-cause to cut mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) , and audit any changes made to improve processes and meet compliance requirements.

About Evolven
Evolven delivers innovative configuration management solutions for the modern data center and cloud. Evolven’s Configuration Analytics solution enables companies to dramatically increase the stability of their IT environments, lower operating costs, reduce the risk of production outages and cut environment incident investigation time & effort.

Evolven is a privately held, venture backed company headquartered in the U.S., with presence in the US, Europe and the Middle East and a development center in Israel. Evolven's executive team and advisory board include world-renowned experts from the world of IT management and enterprise software.
Evolven's investors are leading venture capital firms Pitango Venture Capital and Index Ventures.

Martin Perlin