UKFast Helps You Access Apps in the Cloud

Manchester, United Kingdom, July 20, 2011 --( As recent figures suggest that mobile working has tripled in the last twelve months, internet hosting specialist UKFast has launched the latest product in its cloud services range - CloudApps.

Developed with clients' growing interest in mobile computing and remote working in mind, CloudApps uses Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to allow users to access programs remotely while making them appear as if they are running locally.

CloudApps presents a brand new way to manage documents, deploy services and connect remote workers on premises, in the cloud or via a blend of both.

CloudApps responds to feedback from UKFast's 4000 clients showing an increasing interest in the benefits of universal access for employees. It allows users to access email, important documents, applications, contacts and calendars from anywhere in the world on almost any device, through a secure online portal.

As businesses in all sectors focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency, many are considering the advantages of flexible working and consolidating their software infrastructures. CloudApps makes team collaboration and effective communication easy. It also removes the need for resource heavy internal IT changes when new software versions are needed or patches are deployed.

The private CloudApps product allows users to remotely access their own in-house of off-the-shelf operation packages inside the CloudApps control panel and reduces in-house IT support requirements by offering a simple, monthly, cost-per-user payment model.

Lawrence Jones, UKFast's managing director, says: "The development of cloud services is getting more and more exciting. Cloud isn't just about new technology, it's about rethinking the way you do business and finding efficient ways to access the tools that you need to help you succeed.

"Early indications suggest that CloudApps is going to be a big hit with our existing client base and offer a new layer of functionality to any businesses working practice."

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