Biometric Signature ID Awarded Second Patent for Multi-Factor Identity Proofing Technology

Patented gesture biometrics adds security layers for supporting multi-factor authentication from multiple input devices using a low-cost, scalable web service deployment, that does not require any special hardware or downloads.

Dallas, TX, July 20, 2011 --( Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI) announced today that they received their second patent for their dynamic gesture biometric technology used for identity proofing from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patented technology captures the movements made with various input devices such as your mouse, touchscreen, finger or other body movements to enroll and create a biometric multi-factor password that is used to identify the “Who” is trying to gain access to devices or systems. BSI is the only software company with patented dynamic, biometric technology that exceeds government recommendations in the $12.6B Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication market.

BSI’s BioSig-ID ™ was tested by The Tolly Group to be 99.97% accurate in keeping impostors from gaining access and received a 98% user acceptance rating from first time users who completed customer surveys. The two issued patents support a strong suite of Intellectual Property (IP) of over 44 claims dating back to 2004 for their dynamic, gesture biometrics and picture password technology. The technology includes a multi-layer approach to security along with a reputation score application, which manages users credibility on the Internet.

“BSI is pleased to add this new patent to our existing intellectual property portfolio and be the pioneer in providing a new gesture biometric technology for identity proofing that is delivered as a web service. Since our software captures the speed, length, height, angles and direction of how you write letters, numbers or shapes it is language and age agnostic and proven to be highly scalable,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO, Biometric Signature ID. "As more organizations move toward the use of multi-factor authentication, we believe there is significant value to implementing our patented technology as part of their overall defense to secure their data and systems.”

BSI’s Identity Management software does not require any additional hardware or software downloads, can be used on any PC anywhere, anytime, does not collect personal identifying information, and tracks and reports all interactions.

BSI’s multi-factor identity proofing technology supports the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommendations for biometrics and meets or exceeds the regulations in the following industries:

1. Healthcare: (1) DEA’s requirement for electronically prescribing controlled substances (2) HIPAA and HIE for authenticating access to patient records

2. Banking and Finance: Exceeding Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines published June 2011 to require layered security to safeguard customer information and reduce fraud

3. Online Learning: Higher Education and institution accreditation guidelines to verify the student taking a course is who they say they are

4. Cloud and Mobile Computing: support for Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification for cloud computing

5. Support of the White House’s new program, National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) for safely transacting commerce on the Internet

6. Governmental-level security supporting initiatives for Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (FICAM), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

BSI’s premier product BioSig-ID™ is a unique biometric handwriting and gesture technology that is activated simply by using a mouse to create an online positive ID and includes their Click-ID technology designed to verify the user’s identity by clicking on specific objects in a selected image. USignOnline™ enables users to sign contracts online, thereby increasing and protecting revenue while providing proof that the user authorized the action. The products combine to create a unique Identification, Authentication and Authorization (IAA) strategy that is the next requirement for secure computing. To find out more about BSI and their IAM solutions, please contact the company directly at

About Biometric Signature ID
A Dallas-based software company, Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI), provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its’ patented BioSig-ID Online™ biometric handwriting and gesture technologies. BSI has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for developing the Product Innovation of the Year, and have been vetted by the 17-member advisory committee of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and granted a commercialization award for their break-through technology. Most recently BSI received a proof-of-performance validation from the Tolly Group’s independent testing lab receiving a 99.97% rating of accuracy (false positive rate) that exceeds recommended NIST standards by 3 fold. Their identity proofing products have worldwide applications including student ID verification, secure online banking, and healthcare records access and identity verifications for Internet-based transactions. To learn more about how BSI solutions can help with your Identity proofing needs visit our web site at or call us at (800) 871-2817.

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