Launch of the Pundit Lab+ Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Instrument

Singapore, Singapore, July 22, 2011 --( With the launch of the new Pundit Lab+ ultrasonic pulse velocity instrument, Proceq extends its successful Pundit family of portable ultrasonic test instruments for the non-destructive testing of concrete quality.

Pundit Lab provides exceptional versatility for a pulse velocity test instrument, offering not only the traditional transit time and pulse velocity measurement, but also path length measurement, perpendicular crack depth measurement and surface velocity measurement. The instrument also includes an integrated waveform display for manual triggering.

This feature set has been extended in Pundit Lab+ to include on-site applications requested by customers. The new features provide compressive strength estimation, compressive strength estimation in combination with a rebound hammer value (SONREB method), a real time stamp for all measurements, a review list allowing readings to be checked on site without a computer and an integrated gain stage that makes an external amplifier redundant.

The transducer range has also been improved and extended to include shear wave transducers for testing Poisson’s ratio and modulus of elasticity, exponential transducers for rough surfaces and higher frequency transducers up to 500 kHz for rock and ceramics testing.

Full remote control is possible with the Windows based software Pundit Link or via 3rd party software. This provides the user with online data acquisition and data logging functionality.

The ultrasonic test equipment Pundit Lab+ comes with an extended feature set, making it particularly suitable for on-site measurements. Naturally it contains all of the features of the Pundit Lab. The new functions include, an integrated gain stage making an external amplifier unnecessary when using long cables or exponential transducers, a real time stamp for recording the time of measurement, a data review list that allows previous measurements to be viewed on site, and a correlation to compressive strength either directly from pulse velocity or in combination with a rebound value (SONREB method).

As with all Proceq Products, sales and full service support is available from Proceq’s global locations in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Russia. The Pundit Lab+ comes with a 24-month warranty on all electronic parts. When purchasing the instrument, the buyer is also offered the possibility to purchase extended warranty coverage.

For additional information about Proceq and our Pundit Lab+, please contact your Proceq sales representative or visit Alternatively, you may email enquiries to

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