Border Security Law Enforcement Whistleblower Initiative Launched

Federal law enforcement advocacy group provides Whistleblower database.

Los Angeles, CA, March 28, 2007 --( Friends of the Border Patrol (FOBP), a non-profit law enforcement advocacy corporation, is pleased to announce the launch of its nationwide government Whistleblower initiative designated Significant Incident Report or SIR Initiative. The FOBP SIR Initiative will confidentially collect previously unreported data (or data not publicly disclosed) involving border security incidents or events. This information will be collected using a specialized and anonymous Internet based reporting system available via the FOBP website at Utilizing this unprecedented confidential reporting system, FOBP will enable federal law enforcement officers engaged in all aspects of border security operations to confidentially report incidents or events to a collection point outside the sphere of agency influence.

The FOBP SIR Initiative will prove of particular interest to media representatives as all raw data collected is immediately accessible to the public; analogous to a “news tips database” upon which news reporters may develop leads. Aggregate data reports will be prepared on a monthly basis and publicly disseminated through the FOBP website. Media representatives may request specialized data interpretation and analysis by trained experts by contacting FOBP media relations directly. Recurring reports will be provided to congressional representatives, ensuring they receive accurate data, unlike current agency reported data, concerning these matters.

About FOBP

Friends of the Border Patrol is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) law enforcement advocacy corporation providing administrative consultation, legal representation, media representation, fund raising, and charitable services. FOBP recently expanded its advocacy role to encompass all federal law enforcement officers engaged in any aspect of border security operations. For more information, visit FOBP at .

Friends of the Border Patrol
Joseph N. Dassaro