Triangle Direct Media Daily Deal Raised $5,500 for Stop Child Trafficking Now

The Moolala matching deal succeeded with Triangle Direct Media providing over $5,000 to Stop Child Trafficking Now.

Cary, NC, July 22, 2011 --( On Sunday, July 10, the daily deals site highlighted Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTNow) with a matching donation promotion. The donation was matched by Triangle Direct Media (TDM), with all the proceeds benefiting SCTNow.

Triangle Direct’s matching daily deal has now ended and can be deemed as a success for the non-profit organization. During the course of the deal, 275 vouchers were sold, which produced a total of $2,750 in revenue for SCTNow for a grand total of $5,500 raised through the deal.

"We were happy to continuing to help SCTNow because we feel strongly about their cause. Their approach is to raise money for special operatives and law enforcement agencies to track down and convict the individuals who profit from child trafficking,” explains Anthony Feriozzi, President of Triangle Direct Media (

SCTNow is a national organization committed to ending the exploitation of children in the U.S. and abroad using a bold, new approach: addressing demand by targeting child predators for prosecution and conviction. SCTNow looks to sponsors and donors to help fund highly qualified teams of operatives who build correspondences and carry out missions that stop the illegal trafficking of children.

Triangle Direct’s past work with SCTNow was also successful with a content marketing campaign to distribute press releases, informational articles, and online multi-media content for those interested in helping to prevent modern-day slavery. The campaign outcome lead to increased search engines rankings, website traffic and cause awareness.

“SCTNow continues to be an ideal non-profit to endorse because it is a perfect fit, supporting our family-first mentality. We hope more people become aware of the fact that modern-day slavery is in fact taking place and needs to be stopped, and volunteer with SCTNow to end child trafficking both in our local communities and around the world.” concludes Feriozzi.

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Anthony Feriozzi