NiteLites Outdoor Lighting
NiteLites Outdoor Lighting

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Franchise of Sarasota Brightens Up the Bradenton Home Builders Association Tradeshow October 13th.

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Franchise of Sarasota will be on hand to brighten up the Bradenton Home Builders Association Tradeshow on October 13th, 2005. The event will be held at the Bradenton Auditorium/City Centre.

Sarasota, FL, October 10, 2005 --( NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Franchise of Sarasota will be on hand to showcase their low-voltage landscape and architectural lighting applications at the Bradenton Home Builders Association Tradeshow October 13th, 2005. NiteLites is an industry leader in the outdoor lighting field and specializes in both commercial and residential applications. Randy and Becky White, owners of NiteLites of Sarasota, and their staff, will exhibit their comprehensive package of superior outdoor lighting systems and service for both residential and commercial properties. While enjoying all of the exhibits, stop by to visit Randy and Becky for more information about NiteLites comprehensive lighting systems.

NiteLites landscape lighting systems offer many benefits:
• Smart Investment – A NiteLites lighting system will increase the value and resale of your home and make your home the showcase of the neighborhood.
• Practical and Elegant – Enjoy more hours outside in the comfort of your own home and create an elegant atmosphere for entertaining with the lighting your system will provide
• Expandable – NiteLites lighting systems are designed to meet your needs today and tomorrow. NiteLites offers an array of lighting applications you can add any time. Types of lighting include tree lights, pool lights, patio lights, ponds lights, deck lights, submersible lights, fountain lighting, architectural lighting, garden lighting, yard lighting and path lighting.
• Worry Free – NiteLites lighting systems are comprised of solid brass and copper fixtures featuring a five year warranty and bulbs are guaranteed for one year. Systems are also maintained by full-time NiteLites service crews.
• Safety and Security – A lighting system increases protection for your family and friends by illuminating “dark” spots.
• Attention to Detail – NiteLites lighting systems are installed by trained NiteLites professionals with careful attention to detail and no disturbance to your landscaping or property.

NiteLites is offering a free demonstration for your property. See the results of a NiteLites system before you invest anything. A NiteLites professional will temporarily install a lighting system on your property. By taking advantage of the evening demonstration, you will see exactly how your home will be illuminated and accentuated. A NiteLites designer will work with you to design a lighting application that reflects your personal tastes and fits your budget. NiteLites will also provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the finished installation. There are no surprises with the NiteLites lighting system.

For more information on a NiteLites franchise, please call 866-NITELITES. Franchises are available in many cities including Las Vegas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Memphis, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford, Tucson, Denver, Lexington, and San Jose. For more information on NiteLites Architectural and Landscape Lighting, visit their web site at

If you are interested in outdoor lighting and would like a free night time demo, contact Randy & Becky White and their staff at the Bradenton Home Builders’ Association Tradeshow or call their office at (941) 758-9338.

Rachel Hudak