New Technology of Data Storage and Transfer in Measurement Devices

Aktakom introduces innovative technology for storing sampled data in Excel format on SD card.

Miami, FL, July 24, 2011 --( T&M Atlantic., distributor of the test and measurement equipment, today announced that for the first time on the market came such devices that could allow recording the measured data either into the inner memory with the further transfer to the PC or to the SD-card in real time in Excel format without the use of any additional software.

By bringing this ground breaking technology to the market, Aktakom is poised to become a leader in innovative nonelectrical quantities meters. To implement this technology Aktakom has developed a new series of data logger devices with the introduction of four new models: ATE-1033 Thermo-anemometer, ATE-5035 Temperature and humidity meter, ATE-2036 Multichannel thermometer and ATE-9538 Environment meter. It should also be mentioned that all 4 models of nonelectrical quantities meters with data transfer to the SD-card have built-in RS-232/USB interface that helps to transfer the data from the device during the measurement process right to the user’s PC.

These instruments has a wide range of applications: scientific research, plant/general maintenance, HVAC/R, transportation/automotive, cooling and reheating, serving areas, food service equipment and cold storage. More information can be found at

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Simon Tseytlin