Los Angeles Law Firm, Legal Action Workshop, PC Announces Low Flat Fees

Los Angeles Law Firm, Legal Action Law Workshop, PC has announced low flat fees for handling cases in Family Law. Offering a low flat fee structure, the Family Law firm has introduced this measure to make the procedure for the dissolution of marriage, as well as legal separation, annulment and paternity actions more affordable.

Culver City, CA, July 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Legal Action Workshop,PC (http://www.legalactionworkshoplaw.com/) an LA Law firm with 5 offices in Los Angeles County, has announced Low Flat Fees for addressing Family Law issues. Introducing the new Low Flat Fees structure – A La Carte system, Legal Action Workshop, PC has changed the way in which clients will be charged for divorce cases and other Family Law issues.

Legal Action Workshop, PC has standardized their approach to Divorce so the client pays for what is needed and not for what is not needed. Their system is an a la carte system in which the Los Angeles Law firm offers low flat fees each step of the way. There are 3 basic ways that Divorce is finalized and low flat fees are offered for all the three options by Legal Action Workshop, PC. Family Law attorneys at Legal Action Workshop are experienced in handling legal separation, annulments, paternity actions and divorce cases as well as child custody, visitation and support, adoption, etc under Family Law. They are also experienced in flat fee Estate Planning (including wills, trusts and powers of attorney) in addition to flat fees for, Court Attorneys. The firm also handles Probate and Personal Injury.

Announcing the Low Flat Fees Structure, Brenda Platt-Drucker, Director of Legal Action Workshop, said, “For a Family Law firm to offer flat fees is truly revolutionary! Why is this so astounding? Because most, if not all attorneys, charge an hourly rate and retainer for family law issues. They do this because attorneys say that they do not know how much time the family law matter will take and so the client gets billed at an hourly rate. This is usually very costly for the client. The average fee for Divorce in United States is approximately $15,000 or more.”

Adding further, Brenda explained, “Legal Action Workshop offers low flat fees for what is needed, be it securing a trial date, preparing a trial brief, responding to interrogatories or discovery or requesting an attorney for court. In a very small amount of cases, a client may request full representation if the matter becomes very complex. In this instance Legal Action Workshop would offer an hourly rate for service. These same choices and outcomes can occur for Legal Separation and Paternity Actions. In the case of an Annulment if there are grounds and the other side does not dispute, it is usually approved by the court. However, if the partner disputes, the Annulment may not be granted and the partners may choose to pursue a Divorce for a low flat fee.

“In other words, in the vast majority of family law matters—be it Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment or a Paternity Action, Legal Action Workshop divorce attorneys or separation lawyers can analyze the legal matter and offer a low flat fee to address it. Our method assures that you have a highly experienced Divorce attorney (not a paralegal) who speaks with you and gives you the legal advice and legal options you need so that you know what is reasonable in your case,” concluded Brenda.

At Legal Action Workshop the low flat fees structure is applicable for all kinds of family law matters such as legal separation, annulments, paternity actions and divorce issues, as well as responses and change orders. Know more about the LA Law Firm at: http://www.legalactionworkshoplaw.com/.

About Legal Action Workshop

Legal Action Workshop is a professional law corporation offering experienced attorneys for more than 30 years in the areas of: Divorce, Family Law, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Probate and Personal Injury. The Family Law firm offers statewide services in California at Low Flat Fees for Family Law, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, as well as Bankruptcy. Family law attorneys, legal separation lawyers from Legal Action Workshop, Professional Corporation, has been hailed as "a revolutionary law firm" as they strive to provide high quality legal services by highly qualified attorneys at affordable rates.

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