Marlon Familton at Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, Launches a Pre-Marriage Counseling Page at

Bellevue, WA, July 27, 2011 --( Marlon Familton, marriage & family therapist at Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling in Bellevue Washington, launches a Pre-Marriage Counseling page at in an effort to reach couples engaged and focused on making sure they have a long and successful marriage.

Many couples are understandably excited about their engagement and become focused on the tasks of preparing for their new life together. Planning the wedding, managing family and friends deciding where they will live, keeping their careers going; all these tasks draw their attention. Since this is a new and exciting part of life, often little effort is thrown at ensuring they have a strong and healthy bond - it is assumed so.

"The negative cycle that pushes partners apart can begin early in a relationship, but since that cycle is small and faint it is often shrugged off. Over time it can grow and strengthen, leading to a more frequent and vicious pattern of disconnection and fighting,” says Familton. “Learning where each other’s raw spots are, early on in the relationship, can facilitate compassion and understanding for the long haul. I believe that establishing this understanding and trust is a huge part of what couples need to do early on in their relationship.”

Engaged couples may turn to family or friends for early relationship advice. Some attend pre-marital counseling at their church, however some do opt for professional relationship counseling.

“Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is an evidenced based, heavily researched and tested method of helping a couple strengthen their attachment bond,” Familton says. “EFT is ideally suited for pre-marriage counseling because it deals with emotions, something that some individuals have a hard time sharing. Holding one’s emotions inside over time often contributes to the other partner feeling unimportant, this is a lack of emotional intimacy and can easily fuel the negative cycle. We deal with this in pre-marital counseling as we do other roots of what can become a negative cycle.”

The new web page focused on pre-Marriage counseling is located at:

Marlon Familton is a licensed mental health counselor specializing on couples and marriage counseling. He is a trained Emotionally Focused Therapist and focuses his private practice on relationship issues. His practice in Bellevue Washington is called Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC. He can be reached at 425-417-4700 or through his website at

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