To-Increase Asks, What Are the Cons of High Tech Warehouse Management Systems?

New blog posts makes the case for an investment in warehouse technology.

Norwell, MA, July 27, 2011 --( To-Increase, a provider of retail and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) built on Microsoft Dynamics technology, helps overcome the arguments against an investment in high tech WMS with the new blog post, 'Struggling To Find The Cons In High Tech Warehouse Management Technology.'

In the recent article published by WT100, 'Warehouses Go High Tech,' author Mary Shacklett provides several themes representing the guiding principles of a modern warehouse:

· Order fulfillment must be nearly immediate
· Lean operating principles must be adhered to
· Speed, accuracy and integration are paramount

"The principles guiding today's warehouse are made possible with high tech WMS," states Luciano Cunha, Global Industry Director, To-Increase. "So why is it that IT and warehouse management systems investments continue to bottleneck in several organizations?"

The answer provided by Cunha, in regards to why WMS investments seem to bottleneck, relate back to legacy and cost.

"As Shacklett writes in her recent article to WT100, many companies are continuing to trust either old or homegrown warehouse management systems – without taking the time to integrate newer, future-ready warehouse management technology," continues Cunha. "Additionally, many organizations see the warehouse as already producing losses, therefore not worth the investment."

Despite the fact that many organizations are not investing in high tech WMS, both Shacklett's article and Cunha's post reveal several benefits of a high tech WMS investment, including support of:
· Real time visibility into process and inventory, helping fulfill near immediate order fulfillment
· Just In Time (JIT) operations, enabling warehouse to carry less and reduce physical footprints
· Quick and accurate customer service, and the ability to easily identify and rectify any problems

"Bottom-line, a lack of investment in high tech WMS makes a company less likely to be able to meet the needs of their customers," concludes Cunha. "And this is why I struggle to see any cons in a high tech warehouse management systems investment."

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